How to Bulk Distribute SPL Tokens in 3 Easy Steps (Solana-based tokens) by@solminter

How to Bulk Distribute SPL Tokens in 3 Easy Steps (Solana-based tokens)

A quick and concise tutorial on how to bulk distribute or multi-distribute SPL tokens at once. The tutorial is available on It takes two minutes to compile addresses and amounts to distribute SPL tokens. The cost of distributing SPL tokens is 0.2 SOL. You can skip this tutorial and go directly to to start bulk sending.
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Dear Hackers, here’s a quick and concise tutorial on how to bulk distribute, or multi-distribute SPL tokens at once.


  • SPL tokens in your wallet (Solana based tokens)
  • Time : 2 minutes
  • Cost : 0.2 SOL per 100 transactions

By following this tutorial, I can

  • Bulk distribute SPL tokens immediately
  • Receive error notifications
  • Export a report from the bulk distribution

Step 1 — Compile addresses and amounts

Head to Distribute on, connect your web3 wallet and select the token you would like to bulk distribute and enter the addresses and amounts in the following format :

address, amount


You can see an example by clicking on “Example”.


You can also upload a .csv file for larger distributions. Make sure you data is within one column and respects the above format.

Step 2 - Create token accounts for addresses

Addresses that have never interacted with the token you are bulk distributing need to be “created” to receive the token. Solminter does this automatically but you will need to click on “Create account” and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet.


Step 3 — Confirm distribution

Once all the address accounts are created, you can then confirm the distribution and confirm in your web3 wallet.

Step 4 — Check your distribution on an explorer

Check a Solana explorer to verify that all the transactions successfully went through.


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