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How to Build Loyalty and Motivate Your Employees

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Faced with the disastrous consequences of a voluntary departure of employees for the company, keeping its teams as long as possible becomes a major issue. To gain in productivity, you must as a business leader, find the ways and means necessary to motivate and retain your employees.

Without being a panacea to definitively solve the problem of employees leaving your company, a pleasant working environment, suitable equipment, and an excellent working atmosphere are real assets that ensure the motivation and loyalty of the latter.

Whether you are a human resources manager, a business leader, or a manager, here are some tips to keep your teams and get them to do serious work and better performance.

Organizing Events: an effective way to motivate and build loyalty

The organization of professional events such as evenings at restaurants, thematic days, or seminars are very effective tools for boosting your teams and giving them the motivation, they need to improve their productivity. A little special, these occasions are an excellent way to retain your employees while sending each of them a very specific message.

Keep in mind, some messages are better perceived by your employees if and only if you present them in an original, fun, and unusual way. For an employee, participation in a weekend with colleagues or in a seminar is considered not as a meeting, but a benefit in its own right.

A pleasant working environment: loyalty and motivation guaranteed

Although it may seem obvious, providing employees with a pleasant working environment is an aspect neglected by many companies. Know this, your employees must work in a pleasant, clean, and healthy environment to be more creative and more productive. Thus, make sure that the heating system of your offices works perfectly in winter. These same measures must also be taken to ensure good air conditioning of your premises in summer.

Your employees will take more pleasure in going to work with pleasant desks that promote concentration. To do this, think about organizing your premises in such a way as to optimize their performance and create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Capitalize on the social and specific advantages of your company to retain and motivate your employees

It is a matter of common sense; a motivated employee is operational and particularly efficient in the execution of his daily tasks. In addition to the time you have to spend with your employees, money is also a way to ensure their perfect integration into your company.

In general, it is a managerial approach that you will materialize through different types of training. At this level, you must consider your investment as a capitalization for your structure. The loyalty of your employees is therefore indisputably of capital importance for the sustainability of your company by avoiding their poaching by other employers.

To motivate and retain their teams, organizations have a wide range of solutions. Including social benefits, among others. Thus, you can offer your social workers, you can offer your employees: A Company savings plan, catering vouchers, or even an incentive for the profits of your company. Whether it's engraved in your mind, financial benefits help empower your employees. These social benefits in addition to enhancing your staff make them even more productive.

Also, think about the advantages specific to your company to motivate and retain your employees. An employee to whom you promise a flat-rate contribution for his trips, a computer, or a company vehicle will naturally be more motivated than those to whom the company offers nothing. It must be recognized, the level of motivation of your employees is closely linked to the offers that your company offers.

They have the particularity of guaranteeing your employees a certain level of comfort. For an advantage such as the car, the choice will depend on various criteria such as the person who will drive it or the types of trips made by the employee. A cell phone or even a computer loan is also among the other advantages specific to your company that you can offer to your employees.

As for your sales teams alone, most often on a mission on the road, it is advisable to offer them a perfectly adapted loyalty program.

Building an effective management strategy: a major asset to ensure the motivation and loyalty of your teams

To effectively motivate and retain your employees, you must proceed in such a way that they have confidence in you whether you are a business leader, a manager, or a director of human resources. In case of difficulties, your employees should see you as someone they can count on. Your management method must also allow them to believe in their professional development.

Likewise, proceed in a way that makes your employees feel useful, important. To say that a collaborator is competent, excellent at what he does, that his work is valuable, or that he masters his subject is an additional source of motivation for him. An employee who is treated this way will be more inclined to demonstrate his loyalty to his employer. Under these conditions, it will be very difficult for other companies to poach him.

To achieve this type of relationship with your employees, you need to be a manager who is always available and attentive to your staff. The management strategy thus put in place to achieve such an objective must consist of applying methods that allow them to improve and gain in performance. This meticulous work necessarily requires a perfect knowledge of your employees.

There are appropriate tools to identify the skills of your employees, their difficulties in progressing, and many other concerns they may encounter in the company. To provide adequate support to your employees in terms of motivation and retention, you must identify the reasons that may favor their departure from your company.

Many factors encourage your employees to leave you for competitors Generally, the reasons given to explain the voluntary departure of your employees are:

  • A poorly implemented hierarchy integration: which is a situation that occurs in companies in which managers communicate very little and are not very available and distant.
  • Poor recruitment: it happens that the function and working conditions do not meet the expectations of the employee.
  • A glaring lack of recognition from the company towards the employee: this is the situation of employees in bore-out. In addition to feeling useless, such collaborators are also characterized by their low autonomy vis-à-vis the hierarchy.
  • A significant part of stress: the lack of work to be done at late hours, on weekends or in teams as well as recurring internal conflicts can be at the origin of an imbalance between professional and private life. This can constitute an important source of stress for the employee who will find as the only possible way out the departure of the company which employs him.
  • A mismatch between the employee and the job: in the event of an overestimation of his skills, an employee will necessarily have the impression of not being able to be up to the tasks entrusted to him daily. Feeling thus incapable of properly fulfilling his mission, he will find it appropriate to leave the company.
  • A lack of assistance and feedback: many employees find themselves in companies where they do not benefit from any support from their managers, nor from the help necessary to improve and progress. No matter their size, organizations need to be able to give their employees feedback. To do this, appropriate tools must be made available to employees to help them not only understand but also improve for better productivity.

As you can see, an effective management strategy for your employees that motivates them and builds long-term loyalty cannot be built without a perfect knowledge of them. It, therefore, appears essential for any manager or business owner to establish good communication with his employees.

This is one of the essential conditions for a relationship of trust to emerge between employer and employee. The organization of events for the benefit of employees such as seminars, team building, or evenings at restaurants is all assets on which you can rely to strengthen the links between teams and get closer to your employees.


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