Bypass the Applicant Tracking System and Inept Recruiters by@Cheopys

Bypass the Applicant Tracking System and Inept Recruiters

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Titles of my articles have been badly edited without my consent

Recruiters don't read resumes (they never have, they're lazy fucktards)


All they do is run your CV through a keyword match system call ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that picks out matching words, paying no attention to their context. If you wrote a tool for database administrators they'll call you for DBA jobs, no matter how clearly your CV states you're not a DBA.

They do not earn their salaries.

If the job description has "healthcare" but your CV uses the word "medical" then you won't match.

Please take a moment to contemplate how stupid this is.

If you say you drink a cup of java (slang for coffee) every morning, you will be called for server or Android work.

I want to keep this brief so I will bypass all the other annoying things about this system, like 3AM phone calls for onsite jobs when you clearly state you work remote only, so I will get to the point. Fancy that.

El Problema Malo*

*Indians can't read Spanish

Your CV will not match jobs you are amply qualified for if the words don't match exactly. You may be an Amazon Web Services superhero but ATS looks for "AWS."

And if you try to shoehorn in all the relevant keywords you'll be rewriting your CV for each job, as though your past is as malleable as putty.

This is wildly dishonest; if you do that, why not just go ahead and claim skills you don't have?

The Solution

Fasten your fun belts kids, this works.

The trick is to get past these morons and get to the interview or the Skype call and sell yourself (honestly, please).

The goal is not to deceive employers, OK?

But you have to get past these morons with their aboriginal software tool.

So what you do is

  1. Find a spot in your CV like a space between two jobs
  2. Type in every keyword you can think of, in all possible forms, whether or not you actually have the skills; you aren't going to lie to the employer.
  3. Select the entire line.
  4. Change it to 1-point font and white; it is now invisible but ATS won't know that
Agile methodology scrum test driven development Oracle python PL/SQL microservices .NET Core WebAPI Azure analytics analysis AWS amazon web services

Save it, upload it to all your job search sites, WOW now you're an excellent match for everything!!

Bypass the fools.

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by Chris Fox @Cheopys.Titles of my articles have been badly edited without my consent


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