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How The Visual Internet Has Evolved

The internet seconds that motion, and the “eyes” have it! The visual internet is worth a trillion (!!) pictures, from photos and videos, to emojis and memes. Pictures are mandatory and “a few sentences are enough to tell the truth.” [- quoted from Robert Sarah]

But who says the internet tells the truth? The thing about the internet is that it tells everything, right or wrong, for good or ill; and not everything is carefully curated. Some people say the internet has evolved into an illustrated Choose-Your-Own-Adventure® tale. Cf.

The internet is written in a modern pictographic language, and it’s all hanging out. Some things cannot be unseen no matter how much you wish it could be. There’s also true beauty, poignant and wonderfully unforgettable.

Pictures (barely can) hold our humanity, so maybe that is why we struggle so strongly with Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart in our rage against bots. The internet can help you out if you are having trouble knowing if you are indeed human, or … have you been secretly replaced without your knowledge by a computer, alien, or possibly secret powers-that-be. Search online using this question, “How human am I?” and good luck!

This infographic predicts an even more visual future with growing video, virtual and augmented reality, and the new markets and commodification that go with with it.

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