Hackernoon logoHow the programming and the cryptocurrency returned me to the game after losing everything. by@luisacerv

How the programming and the cryptocurrency returned me to the game after losing everything.

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It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. — Tyler Durden.

It was more than a year ago when my life took a turn that I would not have expected, an accident with a piece of glass took me to the point of dying bled and partially losing the function of my left hand and it is worth mentioning that I am left-handed.

Everything changed, the recovery took almost a year and I still do not have sensitivity in my left hand although the function has been returning little by little and I have found a way to do the things that I like like playing guitar.

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

The accident left me many lessons, among them the fragility of human life and how death is something instantaneous.

However, not everything is death and pain, I also learned that the people who love me will always be there, and how strong I am.

I had known bitcoin and I saved a bit for some time, not too much. Just over a year ago, although I already knew how to program, it was really more a hobby than a profession and the blockchain was only something I knew but no more.

At that time I was starting to produce a series of animation for youtube, but due to the accident I could not continue working, my savings went quickly paying the rehabilitation, and in truth I could not continue to aimand, much less paying the expenses that this implies.

The clients of the animation business looked for solutions in other parts and with my injured arm it was very slow to complete any project so I needed to undertake something new, something that would allow me to get ahead.

The months passed slowly until a good day researching databases I started to find information about blockchain bitcoin, it was there. It was what I was looking for, a recent tenology, with a lot of potential and that also uncompassed a whole market that was completely fresh and full of opportunity.

It did not take long for him to learn how technology worked and how he could invest using exchange houses. Soon he was back in the game and again taking profits. Of course not everything was easy, of course I had losses, but it did not matter, because I had found that niche, I felt great doing it.

A little over a year has passed and today I can say that the cyrptocurrencie saved me and that every day fills me with satisfaction and allows me to generate sustenance for myself and my family.

I write my story as a personal exercise but also so that maybe and only maybe, someone, somewhere read it and know that it is possible to get ahead, not necessarily your life saves must be the blockchain or the cryptocurrency, it can be anything , because the only thing that really matters is the determination to get ahead, to help those you love and leave a small mark on your world.

The year starts and I just want to say one thing. You can achieve anything and do not accept that nobody tells you otherwise.

Greetings, from your friend. Luis Acerv.


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