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How the Blockchain Will Increase Your Mindfulness

Blockchain is quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology across just about every industry. In real estate, it is being used to compile listings, property records, and even democratized ownership of shares in properties. In healthcare, it is making the lives of medical staff and patients easier through smart contracts that grant patients private key access to signing off on operations as well as many other functions. Another area where blockchain is showing its utility is in the wellness and attention economy.

New blockchain-based apps and games are capitalizing on the popularity of mindfulness culture. These applications of blockchain are fusing with the concepts of music streaming services, podcasts, and MOOC communities to reward users with currency for participating in yoga and meditation. Many of the offerings in the wellness-blockchain space use augmented and virtual reality to make an engaging and truly transcendent experience for users.

Yoga and meditation on the blockchain offer users as well as content creators the opportunity to monetize knowledge and self-knowledge alike without having to leave the house. The gamification of these practices offers incentives beyond intrinsic, self-focused goals as well as contributing to a community of healthy and mindful users.

Learn more about blockchain and mindfulness with the infographic below, provided by HighVibe.

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