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How Technology Changing Our Homes

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Do you remember the pre-technology homes? Hard to recollect, right? Technology has changed our lives most remarkably and it is still transforming at a rapid space.

How about we take a break of the generic discussion of how it has taken us over.

But let’s face it: automation and robotics are the real deal now. They will be everywhere now and we are going to be hooked to the virtual world more than ever. It is just that you can never get enough of it.

Right from the mobiles to the laptops, we have them all. Since we already know how much the technology over there has us, let us recollect all the “smart” things that are in the homes we make:

Broadband Services :

We cannot imagine our world with broadband. To make contact with someone, it would include yellow pages and phonebooks but now, you have the internet. You can connect to so many smart devices that a being used in our homes, and also it can make our lives very entertaining. Today, people use broadband and internet services to do a lot of things.

You can book appointments, purchase groceries, book travel tickets and what not! They are also able to share and exchange so much information that having is a reliable and fast broadband connection has become a necessity now.

Smart Meter

Every home comes with the energy meter that measures how much power we are consuming every month. Based on that, you can pay your electricity and water bills. These smart meters can give users some real-time information about the spending.

This may help you see how much energy you are consuming and maybe adopt some energy-conserving methods of using appliances. This way, you can manage the energy, save money and also reduce the emissions.

Streaming Exclusive Content

Be it a cell phone or a tablet or a laptop or a TV, we are only being introduced to new OTT platforms. The way we stream content has changed. Everything is revolutionized in India and you can get some of the best content that is out there.

You have some famous platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify and Tidal (for music) that are known worldwide. But for India, you have Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Zee5, etc. Streaming media has surely changed now.

Connected TVs

Whoever said TVs are going to be a thing of the past, they are wrong. We now have smart TVs that are connected to the internet. You now have more than 40% of households in the UK who own smart TVs in their house. They are probably having popcorn and watching Netflix right now on the flat screen.

Virtual Assistants

Isn’t it fun when you have someone you can ask all your silly doubts or someone to always do your tasks? Well, we are talking about Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Home. These virtual assistants rick and they help us out by taking a set of tasks for us.

They can tell you how to make food by showing some best recipes or they may also help you out with playing some music that can suit your mood and also telling if it is required to take an umbrella. It is a multitasker and is a great virtual assistant. These virtual assistants control many apps at once and the owners of all these appliances can control more than thirty thousand different devices from TVs to thermostats.

Smart Ovens

Kitchen Appliances are certainly getting smarted now that we spoke about home and virtual assistance. Now imagine having a smart oven that cooks our food at the ideal temperature! It listens to you and it can be given voice commands to work.

The oven can also be turned on and off through the app and it can also send the user the notifications when it is done cooking the food you put in it. Great investment, for sure!

Smart Home Appliances

We have mentioned our fair share of home appliances but there are things like a smart vacuum cleaner and AC. So, Air Conditioning your home is very required if you are situated in India.

You still might have the best air conditioner` out there and all you have to do is to get a perfect one that suits your home. These smart ACs are energy efficient and they connect with your home IoT too.

If you have had a tiring day and you want your home to be cooled by the time you walk in, the home is cooled.

Smart Locks

Door locks are pretty much like the doorbells. Now, you don’t need keys to open the lock of the doors for homes. These locks are sensor-controlled or they are just coded with a password or there is an app to open the door. There are a lot of different variants out in the market. You can always try to enquire more about it.

Smart Doorbells

Securing our homes from any thefts or robberies is easy now because we can do it through smart doorbells. There are different key factor orientation lock and they offer our doorbells a little extra layer of security. You have a lot of smart doorbells out there and in fact, almost all the new homes that are being constructed now are coming up with smart doorbells.

But how do these smart doorbells work? So, whenever the doorbells are rung, the motion sensors get activated and then the owner of the house gets this notification that someone wants to come into their house. Then, there is a camera and a microphone where they can see who that person is and also speak to them.


Now, that we have given you a list of smart things we are using for running our home, it is safe to say that technology is that part of our life which constantly helps us to grow and also run a safe home. Safety is a priority which is why you need to buckle up and purchase a full-blown security system for your home.


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