How SaaS Marketing Can Impact Your Sales in 2023by@ayodele
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How SaaS Marketing Can Impact Your Sales in 2023

by Ayodele JohnsonJune 28th, 2023
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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an expanding sector - worth over $150 billion. Many organizations rely on software to smoothly run a variety of processes. A key aspect of SaaS marketing is creating captivating content that offers users value.
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What would you do if someone tried to sell you an abstract storage space where you could host others and share items?

That's how I imagine Drew Houston pitched Dropbox when it launched over one decade ago. The business landscape has since evolved, but marketing virtual products remains challenging for many founders.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is an expanding sector - worth over $150 billion - with applications in finance, education, and e-commerce. Many organizations rely on software to smoothly run a variety of processes. Expanding remote work solidifies the need for company leaders to turn to the SaaS market for different products serving different purposes. Think payroll management, workplace collaboration tools, employee management, real-time communication tools, and more.

Yet, in a crowded market, you not only want your product to stand out, but you also want it to convert leads to users.

Sure, it takes time to build a product. But getting that product to the people who need it takes even more time. SaaS marketing is the game-changer that ships your product from something people.

What is SaaS Marketing?

At its core, SaaS marketing entails a strategic approach to planning and executing initiatives to promote and sell a SaaS product effectively.

The foundation of a successful SaaS marketing journey lies in the comprehensive understanding of the target audience. By gaining deep insights into their needs, pain points, preferences, and challenges, you can tailor their marketing efforts to resonate with and attract their ideal customers.

A key aspect of SaaS marketing is creating captivating content that offers users value. With over 30,000 software in the market, your content must appeal to your target users at first contact. This means understanding the necessary content format you need, your marketing goals, and your conversion process.

Ask: "Does this article answer their most confusing question?" "Do they have clarity on how this feature works?" "Are we too sales-y with the call to action?"

Your marketing team must develop informative and engaging materials highlighting their SaaS solution's unique value and benefits. This content should address the pain points and challenges their target audience faces, demonstrating how their product offers a solution or improvement. By showcasing their SaaS product's features, functionalities, and real-world applications, you can build trust and credibility, fostering a strong connection with potential users.

A Stepwise Approach To SaaS Marketing

A successful SaaS marketing strategy begins with understanding your product's unique selling proposition. Here, I highlight the pivotal stages of developing a marketing strategy for your SaaS product:

Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Identify your product's unique features, benefits, and value proposition that set it apart from competitors. Understand your target audience and their pain points, and tailor your USP to address their specific needs and challenges.

Craft a clear and compelling message that communicates your product's value and why it is the ideal solution for your audience. Set up demos on your website's landing page. Invite visitors and readers to try out your product for a brief timeline and note its benefits and hitches.

Conduct Comprehensive SEO Research

Perform keyword research to identify relevant search terms and phrases. Google's Search Engine simplifies keyword research through the "people also ask" section on the search engine result page (SERP). This would open you to your users' search intentions and priority needs.

Optimize your website and content to align with these keywords. Strategically place the keywords in titles, headings, meta descriptions, and throughout the piece.

Create high-quality, informative, and engaging content that incorporates these keywords. Audit your website's technical elements, such as site speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience, to enhance its search engine visibility.

Leverage Social Media

Identify the most relevant social media platforms. Your marketing will convert higher if distributed on platforms where your target audience gathers. Develop a content strategy that aligns with the preferences and behaviors of your audience on each platform.

Encourage your existing customers and satisfied users to become brand ambassadors by sharing their positive experiences with your product on social media. Business owners often need to pay more attention to the merits of word-of-mouth awareness. Get your existing users talking about your product. Build trust quicker with more prospects.

Measure, Analyze, and Adapt

Continuously monitor the performance of your marketing efforts using relevant metrics, such as website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and keyword rankings. Analyze the data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Make data-driven decisions and adapt your marketing strategy based on the insights gathered. Continuously test different approaches, channels, and messaging to optimize your marketing efforts and maximize results.

Hire A SaaS Marketing Agency

A SaaS marketing agency is like a supercharged marketing team specializing in promoting and growing SaaS companies.

They use digital marketing strategies, content creation, social media expertise, and other techniques to help SaaS companies reach their target audience. They're the go-to crew for SaaS companies who want to move their demo users to engaged customers, level up their marketing game and achieve robust returns on marketing investments.

Founders know the real win is having a high percentage of visitors retained as customers. This is where SaaS marketing agencies come in. They aim to set your product before your target audience and convert them to long-term users.

A modest marketing agency:

  • Understands your brand's present market perception
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Optimizes your website for organic traffic
  • Executes content marketing strategies filled with brand personality
  • Measures the performance of marketing efforts periodically to identify gaps and adjust actions.

There are no one-size-fits-all agencies for any product or business.

With hundreds of experienced B2B & B2C marketing agencies in the SaaS industry, let's take a look at some of the marketing agencies you can partner with to boost your inbounds and returns:


Coinbound takes paid ads from a random item in the marketing toolbox to a tool that generates 40x ROAS on Google Ads campaigns. With over five years of delivering results for A-list clients, Coinbound is a go-to agency for getting your product in customers' faces.

Coinbound uses a product-led content-first approach to create valuable content for your potential users while minimizing barriers to entry. They simplify product ideas by fleshing out abstract concepts and highlighting usage benefits. They aptly map a journey that takes your users from hesitant to passionate within a short frame. Understanding the importance of seamless lead generation, they get prospects into your sales funnel and convert them to paying users.

Their SaaS marketing services include:

  • SaaS PPC and Paid Ads.
  • SaaS Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Business-to-business SaaS Lead Generation.
  • SaaS Content Management.
  • SaaS PR.


Voxturr is a top-tier agency with collaborations in HRtech, Fintech, and Retailtech. Drawing on this vast experience, Voxturr specializes in delivering all-encompassing SaaS marketing solutions that ensure assured business growth at every phase of your journey.

They are dedicated to providing businesses with the strategic support and valuable resources required to surpass their goals and unlock their true potential. They believe in cultivating enduring partnerships with our clients, fostering a collaborative environment where we work hand in hand to achieve remarkable success. They understudy buyer personas and market analysis and create compelling strategies covering pain points.

Their services include:

  • PPC Management.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics.
  • Growth Hacking
  • Social Media Marketing

    Krafted Digital

    Strategic partnership. Elevated marketing plans and templates. A marketing cycle that caters to all aspects of your user's journey. Krafted Digital promises these and more. From building product visibility to expanding media presence through strategic PR efforts, the goal is to drive conversions and transform website visitors into loyal users.

    They develop customized campaigns using updated analytics, collaborating closely with your team to identify the most impactful channels for your product. They know the in-and-out of your product and transfer this intimate experience to your potential users.

    Their offerings cover:

    1. Content Marketing
    2. CRM Optimization
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Search Engine Marketing
    5. Paid Socials

    Their eclectic services cater to B2B and B2C users, driving growth for SaaS companies.

    Bubblegum Search

    Imagine your SaaS product could gain:

    • 120% increase in monthly organic traffic
    • 90% increase in monthly organic leads
    • 68% increase in brand visibility
    • 145% increase in aggregate organic revenue.

    Bubblegum Search delivers that - and more - for SaaS marketing collaborations.

    Bubblegum Search creates expert, thought leadership content that builds trust and authority. They implement a well-rounded blend of practical strategies that push your content - and product - to the forefront of the pack. Bubblegum Search provides a seamless combination of result-oriented search engine optimization strategies specifically tailored for your business.

    Their marketing services spread across:

    • Periodic technical SEO audits.
    • SaaS SEO strategies.
    • SaaS metadata optimization.
    • SaaS keyword research.
    • Link-building and PR for maximized brand visibility.

    They're for product owners looking to skyrocket their organic ranking and implement high-converting content strategies.


    The SaaS sector will remain competitive in the coming years. Given the fast-paced tech evolutions, founders will introduce more products into a saturated market. As SaaS products compete for similar cycles of users, deferring your marketing to expert agencies may be a viable option to stand out before your users.

    By getting your product marketing right, you position your product - and company - as an expert in your industry. Collaborating with a professional marketing agency will help you pinpoint the right marketing approach for your product, saving time and money.