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How Real Estate Will be Revolutionized on the Blockchain

Property is the largest asset class in the world, clocking in at $162 trillion in residential real estate and $29 trillion in commercial real estate. Most people agree real estate investment is a lucrative way to earn a living, but see it as a difficult industry to break into, especially with all that money on the line. But the gears are shifting and real estate is about to be made virtual.

Blockchain, the same technology that backs cryptocurrencies, is completely changing the real estate market. Through tokenization of fungible assets, buying rights to a real world asset and converting its value into a proof-of-asset token, making moving assets more convenient, faster, and easier to split. Blockchain technology in real estate removes the hassles of legal agreements and eliminates the need for paper money exchanges. With crypto-purchased real estate, the tedium of normal investments is replaced with instant trading via blockchain. Whether you’re buying or selling crypto in real estate is creating big opportunities for diversification.

Ready to try your hand in the modern real estate? Take a look a this infographic from Property Coin for more on how crypto, blockchain, and ICOs are influencing big change for the biggest market in the world, and how you can get a piece of it.

image credit: Property Coin

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