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How Palladium will help make crypto easier from Malta

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Recently, a lot of my work has been in pushing our newest joint venture with Bittrex, Palladium, to its full potential, a process which starts in the early stages. Palladium aims to bring users the ability to trade and bank tokenized crypto assets and securities on Europe’s first regulated platform, and we’re on pace to do so.

The basic concept: we’re launching the world’s first regulated tokenized security and blockchain security exchange & bank. Our initial announcement last month, Unikrn, Bittrex and the broader Palladium team took over the floor of the Malta Stock Exchange to act as the premiere example of how Malta is pushing itself to be the blockchain island.

That launch was groundbreaking and showed the strong support this project has already earned from regulators and policymakers in Malta. I’m proud to be pushing boundaries with this project, just like we do with UnikoinGold.

“It will be increasingly a regular occurrence in our country to attend to launch speak about the work being carried out in the areas of emerging technologies,” said Dr. Joseph Muscat, Malta’s prime minister, “We have worked our fingers to the bone in order to Live days like today and see companies such as Palladium launch.”

Malta’s Prime Minister gives an address at Palladium’s launch at the Malta Stock Exchange

Palladium has captured the attention and imagination of many in financial services and government in Malta and across Europe precisely because of its vision to solve the most pressing issues facing blockchain technologies today.

There are a few things that need to be solved in blockchain in order for it to be truly mainstream. Companies need regulatory certainty to innovate, banks need to embrace the space and make it easier to interact between cryptocurrency and fiat, and companies like Unikrn need to make our solutions seamless and easy to use.

This stuff is too hard. Palladium will make it easier and lift the whole ecosystem when it does.

Ultimately, Unikrn is bumping into these problems or their results every day, which is why we’re working with Bittrex to build up Palladium,a crypto-banking and tokenized security exchange which should help tackle all of these major problems.

As the first tokenized security exchange, Palladium will offer one of the most significant solutions to ICO accountability and value, creating an outlet for companies to explicitly share regulated ownership with token investors. This creates greater incentive for transparency and greater accountability, which can help lift downward pressure on the cryptosphere.

Palladium’s plan includes the creation of a unified interface with the Bittrex-powered exchange and a European regulated bank, creating the first one-stop option for all payments, asset management and crypto investments.

In and outside of Malta, the cryptosphere has become increasingly signalled as the definitive future of fintech, showcasing dizzying progress in the last five years despite regulatory uncertainty. With an already approved European Prospectus, the Malta-based Palladium has every expectation of creating tremors of disruption throughout Europe and beyond.

“The pace of change and technological innovation over the next five years will be breathtaking when compared to the previous five years,” Joseph Cuschieri, the Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority, declared from the launch event, “Blockchain is revolutionising the way we carry out Financial transactions and Palladium

is a clear example of how financial services are being transformed through technological innovation.”

Malta has worked hard over the last year to create a forward-looking legislative framework to attract and regulate emerging technologies, culminating in Palladium’s decision to base its announcement and company in the blockchain island.

“We have embraced the fact that Innovation is a way forward for further economic growth,” said Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for financial services, digital economy, and innovation, “Thank you [Palladium] for being part of our vision and I wish you all the success in the universe.”

We’re calling qualified investors to join the future of fintech. Prime Minister Muscat ended his own statements by addressing Palladium Founder and Chairman Prof. Paolo Catalfamo directly: “[Palladium] is not just a flash-in-the-pan. You have shown the commitment to our financial services industry to our country as a whole.”

To those of you asking how this will affect UnikoinGold, you’ll see early examples of how we will make it easy for our customers to access UKG very soon, and so many others will follow our lead. Stay tuned.

To find out more, visit Palladium’s website.


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