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How Obizcoin (OBZ) token can make you earn Income ?

What is Obizcoin BOT?

With the progression in technology, Obizcoin managed to take its officially fruitful plan of action to another level of up and coming decentralized revolution by creating Knowledge BOT with the assistance of blockchain and AI innovation. This new arrangement is called “Obizcoin BOT”. Obizcoin wanted to use YRCs domain mastery and rich industry experience by incorporating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence and blockchain innovation. This according to Obizcoin would help eliminate time required for innovative work of each area as YRC has officially created Intellectual Property of more than 10 domains that they are as of now obliging. This BOT might accelerate the turnaround time from advancement to deals. As once the innovation of BOT is prepared, the deals can begin with the current domains.

BOT is equipped for creating and improvising business forms with the assistance of AI and Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Perpetual upgrade in Business knowledge is supposed to make the BOT more intelligent every day, which should in the end augment to the procedure enlisted. Bot developed by Obizcoin has many capabilities which it adheres to like the process design and decision, SWOT system and smart contract and lastly auditing and reward systems. This makes the Bot artificially intelligent to act as a virtual CEO.

ObizCoin ICO and E-wallet?

One can get obizcoin from the ICO that the company has launched. What better way than investing in an ethereum based platform with maximum returns and is comparatively less risky.

With respect to the members they are certain of making profits, like Incremental Profit Sharing is applicable after the organization accomplishes the main turning point

Also one must be careful of the fact that token must be held in wallet from where it was purchased in ICO.

The best part about the tokens is that the profits will be shared on pro- rata premises which are contingent upon the number of days the obizcoin tokens are held in the wallet. Profit sharing would also be conveyed in ETH. Since profit sharing is according to the time one holds the coins in the wallet it depends on the off chance that a man holds OBZ tokens in wallet for 15 days, he might get Profits according to 15 days count.

Obizcoin Returns and Guarantees?

With Obizcoin what really is important is the returns on to which one places their bets on. After careful examination Obizcoin tokens offer Minimum Guarantee Return.

What obizcoin is offering is a minimum 1.00% every month which is the base assurance.

MG might be applicable until the point when the BOT advancement is finished or until 1 year from the end of token sale whichever is prior. The holder must hold OBZ tokens in wallet for accepting MG. Token holder will get MG for the period OBZ tokens are held in wallet. Token holders will be compensated in ETH Example: Investment Amount : 100 ETH Period of holding OBZ : first April 2018 to fifteenth April 2018, No. of days: 15 days. Estimation of Profit Sharing: 100ETH * 1% *15/30 = 0.5 ETH. Payout will begin following the end of the month of ICO. Also, instalment date would be last date of consistently.

Another advantage of holding OBZ tokens would be the Buyback of tokens which will be done to compensate the token holders. The tokens purchased back will be destroyed.

This will diminish the quantity of tokens available for use which will expand the value of outstanding tokens.

The occasion of Buyback will be led each month in the principal year of the offer of Bot-As-Services (B-A-S) as it were. The most extreme Buyback period will be 1 year assured with greatest purchase back proportion of 1%. With these benefits Obizcoin is not just beneficial considering the technology implied but also a safe return on your investment.

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