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How ICO Community Management Attracts Millennial and Boost Sales

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@ivankanIvan Kan

Millenials spend a lot of time online.

In fact, you can say that most of their sense of community, purchase habits, and thought leadership is all online.

During 2017, internet users 18 to 24 years spent an average of 1481 minutes on the internet every month. And this is just through the PC. The numbers are even higher when you count mobile users.

71% of American adults do not believe in the power of online community. Dinosaur community managers do not see the value in adding millennials to communities and businesses. However, in a world where 75% of internet users purchase something online, that is a terrible idea.

The numbers don’t lie. According to Neil Patel, millenials make up more than 25% of the US population. That is a huge potential market for your business to tap into.

The only reason we know this is because our company, Crowdcreate, is in the industry. We have helped our ICO clients raise over 53 million USD in sales. We are experts in community management, PR, and Influencer outreach. Okay, done with the sales pitch!

Millenials are not who you think they are.

When I ask my older colleagues to describe a millennial, their description are usually ‘lazy’, ‘unorganized’, and ‘narcissistic’.

Your image of the millennial is completely wrong.

In 2018, 53% of millennial homes are occupied by children and an additional 25% are parents. That’s 1 in 4 millennials.

In addition, the millennial age group is the highest educated in the history of the US. Atleast, 1 in 3 millennial adults have a college degree from a 4 year university. In addition, they are incredibly good at using their intelligence to their advantage. Their hunger for work has allowed 54% of their peers to start business or take on management position.

Are you seeing the value of these ‘lazy’, ‘narcissistic’ group you haven’t been marketing to?

I hope so. They’re avid fans of crypto.

Crypto Sales and Millennials

In a recent article, Forbes stated that 30% of milllennials were more prone to investing in cryptocurrency than anything else.

Bloomberg Markets have found that 42% from a pool of 2000 millennials are familiar with cryptocurrency. This is a huge number compared to 15% from the Boomer generation.

When you start seeing how many millennials with money are willing to invest in your ICO, you will wonder why you never thought about community targeting in the first place.

Why ICO Community Management is Important To Millennials

Allow me to make some points.

Point 1: At the end of the day, your cryptocurrency platform and ICO are new technologies. Not only that, legitimate projects like Ethereum have the capacity to disrupt industries internationally. So why is this technology not spread to the millennial masses?

Point 2: Millennial Marketing claims that this age group is more than twice as likely to be early adopters of new technology. This is why a large portion of cryptomoguls are so young. When 56% of your generation is the first to try new technology, you’re going to find some incredibly smart investors.

Point 3: Community Management and Engagement is all about engaging your audience and leading them to believe in your mission or product. 50% of millennials buy from companies that support a cause, and 37% of them are willing to pay more for a product they truly believe in.

When you add all of these points together, you get potential participants who are willing to spend extra for a cause they believe in, and products that need believers. It’s the perfect fit.

Online communities allow millennials to build strong connections and get a feel for their future homes. They also illustrate just how strong digital connections can be. When you have wireless bluetooth headphones selling millions off kickstarter, it would be unwise to ignore the power of online community.

To conclude, when you have more participants you get more sales. By implementing online ICO community management, you can tap into millennials who are prone to online communities. When nearly half the millennial population is investing millions of dollars into crypto, you need to be able to pivot.

Everybody makes mistakes.

The mistake of ignoring millennials can be fatal for you company.

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