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How I Validated My Idea in 2 Weeks

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Helping founders save time and money with validation at startupbuilder.mba

After growthseeker.io failure as a community, I've decided right away to solve the problem of "validation" and to accelerate the path to startup success in another way. So I've validated a value proposition to help founders validate business ideas (yes, loop mode ON).

This short post summarizes how I made it with the support of Notion.so. And I hope it helps others with their validation process. The process is based on 5 key validation areas, and I validated them all before building the product (I had a prototype in coda.io that took 3/4 hours of work).

1. Validated audience / Market size

  • Defined 4 segments, needs and calculated that the SOM is bigh enough for my goal.
  • Defined priorities.
  • Defined type of audience
  • Scouted audience looking ant IndieHackers valdiation group

    2. Validated The Problem

    • Coached +100 entrepreneurs
    • Defined Jobs, Pains, Outcomes
    • Interviewed 4 angel investors, 2 incubators and 1 industry expert. 100% of them confirmed the problem during the interviews.

    3. Validated The Value proposition

    • Built it based on the researched Jobs, Pains and Outcomes
    • Scouted the interest with a Twitter+Linkedin post. Then tracked the access and there were hundreds of clicks more than the people I've shared the prototype with. I concluded that the link was shared by Word Of Mouth.
    • 90% of closing a deal with a University to buy the product for a monthly flat-fee rate for their studens.
    • 1 incubator outreached me interested in using the product for their founders
    • 800$ of sales in <3 weeks WITHOUT product

    4. Validated The GoToMarket

    • Made $800 in direct sales via channels that I can easily reach
    • Universities are interested in the product for their students (channel)
    • Incubators are interested in the product for their founders (channel)
    • Notion templates marketplaces (channel) published the product
    • 2 digital product makers interested in selling a blundled product with startupbuilder.mba

    5. Validated The Willingness To Pay

    • Sold $800 in <3 weeks WITHOUT product
    • Increased price to 49$ and sold out the tier (again, without a product).
    • There are early-adopters willing to pay that price.
    • Audience is ready to buy (early-adopters so far) and have the minium budget to make the product viable.

    I did all of it in 2 weeks (not including the 100 research talks) following my validation checklist with 27 steps (checks) divided into 5 validation blocks. As the KPIs were green, I've built and launched the product (based in Notion.so) to help others validate their ideas before losing too much time and money https://startupbuilder.mba.

    AMA about validation and decision making new ideas. Happy to help!

    Previously published on IndieHackers


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