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How I Validated My Idea in 2 Weeks

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Helping founders save time and money with validation at

After failure as a community, I've decided right away to solve the problem of "validation" and to accelerate the path to startup success in another way. So I've validated a value proposition to help founders validate business ideas (yes, loop mode ON).

This short post summarizes how I made it with the support of And I hope it helps others with their validation process. The process is based on 5 key validation areas, and I validated them all before building the product (I had a prototype in that took 3/4 hours of work).

1. Validated audience / Market size

  • Defined 4 segments, needs and calculated that the SOM is bigh enough for my goal.
  • Defined priorities.
  • Defined type of audience
  • Scouted audience looking ant IndieHackers valdiation group

    2. Validated The Problem

    • Coached +100 entrepreneurs
    • Defined Jobs, Pains, Outcomes
    • Interviewed 4 angel investors, 2 incubators and 1 industry expert. 100% of them confirmed the problem during the interviews.

    3. Validated The Value proposition

    • Built it based on the researched Jobs, Pains and Outcomes
    • Scouted the interest with a Twitter+Linkedin post. Then tracked the access and there were hundreds of clicks more than the people I've shared the prototype with. I concluded that the link was shared by Word Of Mouth.
    • 90% of closing a deal with a University to buy the product for a monthly flat-fee rate for their studens.
    • 1 incubator outreached me interested in using the product for their founders
    • 800$ of sales in <3 weeks WITHOUT product

    4. Validated The GoToMarket

    • Made $800 in direct sales via channels that I can easily reach
    • Universities are interested in the product for their students (channel)
    • Incubators are interested in the product for their founders (channel)
    • Notion templates marketplaces (channel) published the product
    • 2 digital product makers interested in selling a blundled product with

    5. Validated The Willingness To Pay

    • Sold $800 in <3 weeks WITHOUT product
    • Increased price to 49$ and sold out the tier (again, without a product).
    • There are early-adopters willing to pay that price.
    • Audience is ready to buy (early-adopters so far) and have the minium budget to make the product viable.

    I did all of it in 2 weeks (not including the 100 research talks) following my validation checklist with 27 steps (checks) divided into 5 validation blocks. As the KPIs were green, I've built and launched the product (based in to help others validate their ideas before losing too much time and money

    AMA about validation and decision making new ideas. Happy to help!

    Previously published on IndieHackers


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