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How I Make Money By Monetizing My Twitter with Brave Rewards

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Not only does Brave pay me in $BAT for browsing the internet by serving me ads I enjoy watching based on my interests, it literally allows people to tip and automatically contribute to those Twitter users using Brave.

Folks welcome to Web 3.0.

It also allows me to monetize my YouTube — I have 344 viewers watching my old ass YouTubes for 9.5hrs/month. I can now monetize some of those…

Admittedly, my one true passion is finding a way to create evergreen and passive income for myself — now people viewing my YouTube videos will automagically share some of their $BAT with me.

People that like me even more might opt to share more %, or even tip me one-time or repeatedly….

I’ve been aware of BAT as a project and Brave as a browser for a long, long time, being a crypto enthusiast all these years. I resisted doing a tiny 5-second Google search because I assumed it was a new-fangled low-functioning browser that would disappoint.

I wasn’t aware it’s literally built on chrome, can import my bookmarks and I can use all my favorite extensions!

On top of all that, it’s actively blocking unwanted ads across sites and ad networks while also keeping my private browsing information like cookie data or personally identifiable information from being transmitted from my machine.

As an article on theguardian quotes: ‘Data appropriation is a form of exploitation because companies use data to create value without providing people with comparable compensation.’

What’s the solution? Limit the data you send! Be compensated for the data you do choose to share!

Within a few seconds of having the browser opened, I’d already earned a penny as they showed me an ad from BlockFi.

Another ad, advertising BAT’s community forums, turned out to be incredibly informative: as it turns out, the content creators signup page had more options than just Website, Twitch, YouTube.

I had connected all three of these already but on the community forum I found a thread talking about tipping people on Twitter — I thought: I must have this.

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On further clicking I found Brave had loads more options for me to earn as a content creator! It’s probably just my desktop settings — at 175% zoom because I’m blind!

Also, in the interface of their Chrome-based browser, they’ve very cleverly integrated a ‘tip’ button on Twitter tweets — right there in the UI.

When I visit a content creator of any kind — including Github profiles, where I receive 100s more evergreen, passive views than I do on YouTube or even your reddit profile which might be (pardon the pun) more prolific than your Twitter — they’re automagically added to my pool of content creators that I’m going to automagically share some tokens with at the end of the month. I get to set totals, %s for each creator, and every other granular little detail.

Essentially, Brave gives the advertising revenue to the end-user who then chooses which publishers they want to reward with how much tokens — and they get to up the ante for those publishers they’re truly fans of. It’s a brilliant idea!

Download the Brave browser on your computer or mobile phone here. You’ll be earning in a jiffy!


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