How I Grew My Twitter Account From 0 to 64k+ in Less Than a Yearby@hackernoonthreads
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How I Grew My Twitter Account From 0 to 64k+ in Less Than a Year

by HackerNoon ThreadsSeptember 27th, 2022
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I grew my account from 0 to 64k+ in less than a year.Created over 100 million impressions through my content!Made 10,000$ online 💰Here's how I did it and you can do it too👇🏻 
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This tweet was originally published by Insha Ramin

I grew my account from 0 to 64k+ in less than a year.

Created over 100 million impressions through my content!

Made 10,000$ online 💰

Here's how I did it and you can do it too👇🏻

→ Build a decent profile

Always have a pfp of yours rather than any random image taken from the internet.

Create a bio that conveys the message to people about what value you're going to serve them.

Add elements that represent what you tweet/who you're in the header.

→ Attract your ideal audience

Make sure to follow the group of people who enhances your timeline.

When you're in your early phase try to follow the 80/20 rule:

Engage with people - 80%
Create content- 20%

Engaging with people in your niche is important!

→ To share knowledge, you don't need to be an expert!

The easiest way to provide value to people is to share what you’ve learned from your own evolution.

Lots of people have problems you’ve already solved and they’ll appreciate you sharing the solution with them.

→ A valuable audience is a collection of relationships.

Make it a priority to know your audience on an individual level and let them get to know you.

It may change later as you grow. One way to keep your relationship with the audience alive is to always reply with value.

→ Consistent Content Creation

Every other person on Twitter is creating content in one or another form. Some of them are experiencing growth while some struggle to achieve the same.

What creates such a difference?

- Consistently putting out the valuable content!

→ Create value for people

Create things that help people get from Point A to Point B.

The best way to create value for people is to help them transform.

Remember that your content is the bridge.

Encountered a problem?
Find a solution
Put it out. It'll help your peers!

→ Short of Content Ideas?

At times you'll be short of content ideas and the threshold to quit will be quite high.

What to do then?
Re- create
your old content.

Every creation is an asset you can leverage forever.

→ Content creation is no joke.

The less you focus on algorithms, the more you produce good content.

Focusing on what you can control is the best way to get what you want.

The creative journey isn't a constant graph, you'll experience highs as well as lows. Stay at it. 🙌🏻

→ DM Mastery

DM's are gold only if you use them the right way. Build genuine relationships, and show people that their presence matters.

❌ Do not spam the DM of your favourite creator.
❌ Don't ask for favours at the first go
✅ Like their work? Appreciate the efforts.

→ As you grow, use tools that ease your task

At first, you may not feel the need to use growth tools but as your audience grows you need to incorporate some of them.

Rather than spending a big part of your day surfacing the content, use tools that help you manage the tasks.

→ Must use Twitter growth tools:

Hypefury — All-in-one growth tool, lots of content ideas.
Tweetdeck — Organise your timeline by chronology
Copy. ai— Generate marketing copy in seconds.
Twemex— Get more insights into any account.
Socialblade— Spy on competitor's growth.

That's a wrap! 🙌🏻🔥