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How I Got Past Web Filtering in Iran Without A VPN

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Hi, I'm 15 years old hacker and programmer that works for myself in home! I do projects for fun!

Hi, my name is Hesam and I live in Iran! A country where many websites are filtered. As you can see from the image below, Iran is one of the record holders in filtering sites. So, we needed a hero who could solve this problem - and who is better than I?!

When you open a website on your browser with your system (without VPN) your address is where you are. For example, I open YouTube from Tehran (the capital of Iran), and because YouTube is currently filtered in Iran (see the photo below) the YouTube site will not open for me!

So logically, if someone who lives in Iran wants to go to YouTube, it seems that the only way is to use a proxy or filter breaker. But using a filter breaker is very difficult because many times it does not work and it is very slow! So I had to find a way to go to websites that are filtered without using a VPN.

My Website Filtering Solution

As I said, if you are in Iran, you can not open sites that are filtered in Iran. So I had to do something to use a system that is not in Iran, so that I can increase the number of sites that are filtered in Iran.

The first idea that came to my mind was to use β€ŒOnworks, which actually allows you to run a virtual operating system on your browser. And since this enable is probably done in the US, I could easily open sites that are not filtered in the US. But a lot of times because running the licensed operating system is very difficult on the browser and requires a good internet connection, I have to find a better way that is easier for me to bypass the filtering!

It was here that I remembered the possibility of Google Translate being able to translate sites. That's why I went to an Iranian site so that Google Translate could translate it from Persian to English. When he translated, a link belonging to Google Translate was opened, in which the language of the website was changed from Persian to English. So I came to the conclusion that when we give a website to Google Translate to translate for us, it translates from its own system in the United States. And for this reason, it is very easy to open filtered websites using Google Translate and without a VPN (and you can even translate them). To do this, just do the following picture.

As you can see in the image above, I gave Google Translate the link to the YouTube site, which in the output (right) gave me the YouTube link. That link is in blue and if I click on that link, I can use YouTube (or any filter site). Open the filter breaker without any use filter breaker!

As you can see, without using the filter breaker, I opened YouTube, which was filtered in Iran! Finally, thank you for reading and apologizing for my bad English (:

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Hi, I'm 15 years old hacker and programmer that works for myself in home! I do projects for fun!


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