How I Built a Twitter Alternative For Suspended Users → Meet Cato ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ by@jackd

How I Built a Twitter Alternative For Suspended Users → Meet Cato ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎

Folks I brought to you an alternative to Twitter for suspended users and that's Cato Social Network. Why did I get into developing a Twitter alternative? Let's
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Hello there, it's jack here!

Folks I brought to you an alternative to Twitter and that's Cato Social Network. I've also made a whole course on how I built this app from scratch, you can get that course from here.

Why did I get into developing a Twitter alternative? Let's get into it!

An American journalist Kim Iversen says in her youtube video ():

“I hate Twitter because I take an ethical issue with the platform. Twitter overtime now, didn't start off this way but, it did eventually become what I think should be a utility. I think Twitter is a utility because once politicians got on Twitter and started to give information to the people directly through Twitter it became a utility essentially. It became essential to democracy in order to hear what politicians are saying, Once the President of the United States is on Twitter saying things on Twitter it becomes essential that people have access to Twitter. This means that I do not agree with Twitter banning people, I do not agree with Twitter silencing people because Twitter to me is like a town square where you've got your politicians standing at the pulpit and they're talking and people should be able to stand in the crowd and say whatever they want. With that I believe that the accounts that are on Twitter should not be anonymous and I still firmly believe this because in a town square you cannot wear a mask you cannot wear a hood you have to be you now do you have to wear a nametag in a town square no but you are being surveilled and if you were to do something harass somebody do something illegal or just bully somebody will eventually figure out who you are.”

I agree with Kim Iversen. That's the main reason why I decided to develop a Twitter alternative.

Cato & Its Features

Cato is a social network where you can post meows & get not so anonymous messages.

While posting meows, you can post Videos..


You can post Audios .


You can post GiFs.


You can post PDFs..


As of now any registered user can post but, I'll not wait for Cato to become a utility, I'll ask users to verify their accounts before posting on Cato once the platform gets a decent amount of content creators.

You can share your profile and get Not So Anonymous Messages (NSAM)..


This feature is quite sensitive. By using this feature anyone can post messages on one's profile. So, there are chances of trolling, etc. To tackle this, Cato will show the IP address of the message sender to the profile owner. That's why it's called “Not So Anonymous Messages”.

How Cato Generates the Revenue

We generate the revenue by showing ads and by selling a course on How Cato Social Network Built From Scratch.

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