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How I automated my Twitter account

We need to start assuming that I do not like Twitter but I find it very useful to stay updated. I never said I was a coherent person. But I really hate to enter on Twitter to write something constantly (I do not even on Facebook) but this does not mean that my online activity is stopped or that I do not use other platforms. here is why I spent my last evening to understand how to transform my actions on the platforms that I use more in tweets to keep my profile updated (and maybe create interest on what I do). I have found the answer to my needs in IFTTT

What is IFTTT?

Short for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT is an easy way to automate tasks that might otherwise be repetitive or unable to talk to each other, like if i change my profile picture on Facebook change it on Twitter. The users are guided through a process to make simple scripts, called “recipes”, where some type of event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another. IFTTT is also completely free, and really well supported. There are now more than 300 channels spread across a range of devices and services, including social networks, smart appliances, smart home systems, and devices such as weather stations, audio systems, and wearables.

But how can I use IFTTT to automate my twitter account?

I am a developer so the platforms I use the most are Medium, Github, Product Hunt but obviously I also create personal content on Instagram and other platforms that I like to share (we’re not just the work we do).

The recipes I wanted to link to my twitter account were:

  • GitHub
  • Medium
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Reddit
  • Facebook page
  • Facebook
  • ProductHunt

Let’s start to see what allows us to do IFTTT :)


Obviously, the first thing that any developer thinks is Github, the integrations are not many those offered by IFTTT but remember that every repo we can connect webhook so theoretically we could implement our recipe to publish every commit we do on a repo (have sense?)

What I have activated is the notification to make sure that every time I create a new public repo a tweet is written


There are three integrations with medium and they are all three very useful, allowing you to tweet directly the articles that applaud. those you put in your favorites and those written by you, DOPE!


The integration with Instagram could not miss, the possibilities are many, we can automatically upload on twitter (as original photo and not as a link) the photos put on Instagram (all or only the one with a certain #hashtag) and also the videos


Sometimes I take a ride with my GoPro and upload the videos on Vimeo, well why not share them automatically on Twitter? Of course there is the recipe for Youtube that also allows you to share what you listen to and what you like


Currently, the largest community of developers in the world are on Reddit (and Slack) so if you do not already do it I recommend spending much more time on this platform to update or to update others on things you have done. Recipes for Reddit will automatically allow you to tweet what you comment on, vote or write and (if you want) even everything that is uploaded to your favorite subreddit.

Facebook page

Perhaps the most important of the recipes. Allows anyone we have a Facebook page to keep updated their Twitter profile with what you upload on Facebook doing cross-posting of each type of post posted (sorry). A healthy touch for those who do personal branding


I find the integrations with facebook them really very useless (for my use of Twitter) but I noticed one that is really very interested that allows you to keep your Twitter profile up-to-date with the profile picture of Facebook (I had a picture of 3 years does)


Last but not least Product Hunt. I take a ride on product hunt really often and I find it a good idea to share with others also the new/beautiful thing I discover wandering around the site :)

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