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How Google Classroom Prepares Students for the Future of Work

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about a skills gap in the workforce. Every time there is a major shift in the economy there are always people who are left behind. During the last industrial revolution those whose livelihoods depended on the ability to get a job performing menial labor were left behind as automation took over. Now we’re facing the fourth industrial revolution in which artificial intelligence will be replacing a lot of the menial digital labor, and the workforce is again unprepared for this shift. Combatting the skills gap in the workforce needs to start with education, and unfortunately there are many classrooms that haven’t yet caught up.

Fortunately there are technology solutions out there that can help to address this skills gap before it becomes an economic crisis. In classrooms where students and teachers have access to computers and the Internet Google Classroom is changing the way students learn for the better.

Google Classroom has the ability to allow students to learn at their own pace while learning about collaboration in the ways that a 21st century employer is going to be looking for. It can help teachers manage course work more efficiently while customizing teacher and student learning needs. Best of all it is free for schools to implement.

Google Classroom isn’t the only learning app available and it certainly has its downsides, but it’s a move in the right direction in a world where students need to be able to collaborate with their peers on a digital platform. Learn more about Google Classroom from this infographic!

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