How Does Our Exchange Compare to The Established Derivatives Exchanges of Today?

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Trade Crypto and Stock CFD With Bitcoin

We are a new exchange launched in 2020 worldwide offering the ability to trade stock CFDs using Bitcoin. The platform allows traders to use up to 100x leverage on all contracts. The trading interface is beginner-friendly and fairly simple to understand while being responsive.

Key Highlights:
* Koinpro allows users to trade cryptos and stock CFDs using Bitcoin with up to x100 leverage options

* The exchange has a $100 Million Insurance on Custodial Assets

* Addition of innovative contracts like the ‘Double Up Contract’.
Koinpro is a new exchange launched in 2020 worldwide offering the ability to trade stock CFDs using Bitcoin. The platform allows traders to use up to 100x leverage on all contracts. The trading interface is beginner-friendly and fairly simple to understand while being responsive.
Pros of KoinPro:
1) Option to trade CFDs with cryptocurrencies

2) Insurance up to $100 Million

3) Good liquidity on most trading pairs

4)Deposit Bonus
Cons of KoinPro:
1) No corporate accounts for U.S. customers

2) Relatively new exchangeKoinPro Features
Even though Koinpro is a new exchange, it already offers a good amount of liquidity as well as a wide variety of tools and trading pairs including traditional stocks. Additionally, the platform allows users to open a free demo account from which they can trade and test all contracts and tools without any risk.

Clean And Beginner-Friendly Trading Interface

One of the main features of Koinpro is how simple and clean the trading interface is. It was specifically designed to help new users by getting rid of unnecessary numbers and stats. Placing a buy or sell order is extremely simple as users only need to specify the quantity of the asset they want to buy with a fixed leverage.
Traders can of course use a ‘market’ order or a ‘limit’ order to purchase an asset at a specific price. Koinpro allows new users to open a free demo account loaded with $10,000 in play money so they can test the trading interface and all the other features easily.
CFDs and Innovative Contracts
Another innovative feature is the ability to trade CFDs (Contract for Differences) using Bitcoin. Koinpro allows users to trade Gold, Oil, DJ30, GER30, JPN225, SP500, TECH100, UK100, EUSTX50 and the AUS200 using Bitcoin. Basically all major indexes as well as Gold, Oil, BTC perpetual contract and a BTC double-up contract.
The new BTC/USD Double-UP contract is a beginner-friendly contract that allows users to trade BTC at 100x leverage. The contract will automatically settle when your position gains or loses 100% of its value.
Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees
Koinpro does not support any type of Fiat deposit but it also does not enforce KYC verification processes, ever. Users can deposit Bitcoin as well as a wide variety of Stablecoins that include, USDT, USDC, and PAX.
There are no deposit fees but there is a deposit bonus on both USDT and Bitcoin deposits. Users can get up to 0.2 BTC for a deposit of 1 BTC and up to 2,000 USDT for a 10,000 USDT deposit. There are no extra fees when withdrawing.
When it comes to fees, Koinpro offers some of the lowest trading fees in the industry with a universal flat fee of 0.075% on the perpetual contracts and 0.05% on the Double-UP contracts.

Affiliate Program

Koinpro has a unique affiliate program that is highly profitable for users. The exchange tracks up to three degrees of affiliate users which allows participants to share even more profit. Basically, users will earn 30% of the fees generated by any invite but also 9% for the second-level affiliates and 2.7% for the third-level affiliates.
The KOI Token
Koinpro has developed a utility token called KOI to provide customers with different rewards for helping the platform to grow. Additionally, KOI holders will be able to access unique content and other special offers and perks.
The KOI repurchase program was introduced to allow users to repurchase KOI tokens while protecting them from volatile price moves. All repurchased tokens are burned.

Koinpro Customer Support

As usual, Koinpro offers an extensive FAQ section and a wide variety of guides on how to trade, use the exchange and other relevant information. This section is still being constantly updated but if customers need help with something else, they can easily submit a request which is usually answered within a few days by the Koinpro customer support team.
Additionally, users can contact Koinpro through social media channels on Twitter, Bitcointalk or Telegram.

Bitmex and OKEx as Rivals

KoinPro is a fairly new futures exchange which means it has a ton of competition from older and more established exchanges like BitMEX or OKEx. Even though KoinPro has a decent amount of liquidity, giants like BitMEX easily dwarf the exchange in terms of trading volume. KoinPro does, however, offer a few innovative products and services compared to OKex or BitMEX.
The ability to trade CFDs using only crypto and the Double-Up contract with x100 leverage are features not offered by any other exchanges.


BitMEX is the biggest crypto derivatives exchange and was launched back in 2014. The exchange was founded by Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed and Ben Delo and has the biggest amount of liquidity in the market. BitMEX offers the ability to trade perpetual BTC contracts as well as other coins like ADA, BCH, EOS, ETH, LTC, TRX and XRP.
BitMEX, however, does not offer the ability to trade CFDs like KoinPro and only allows 100x leverage on Bitcoin. The platform only allows users to withdraw Bitcoin, once per day. One of the biggest complaints about BitMEX is the lag caused by volatile and big market movements.
When it comes to safety, BitMEX is regarded as a safe exchange and offers a good amount of live channels for users to contact its customer support team. BitMEX has a pretty traditional fee schedule with 0.075% on the taker fee and a maker fee of -0.025%. KoinPro offers similar fees with a 0.075% fee on all perpetual contracts.


OKEx was also founded in 2014 by Star Xu and has become one of the biggest and most popular crypto derivatives exchanges in the world. OKEx offers a wider variety of products in comparison to BitMEX and also has great liquidity. Similar to most exchanges, OKEx does not allow U.S. costumers to use its services.
Again, OKEx only allows up to 100x leverage on the BTCUSD swap contract and less for the rest. KoinPro has 100x leverage on all trading pairs and it’s the only one of both exchanges that offers CFDs with cryptos.
When it comes to fees, OKEx has a 0.1% fee for the maker and 0.15% for the taker which is significantly higher than 0.075% on the perpetual contracts that KoinPro is offering. OKEx allows its customers to buy cryptos with fiat currencies using a VISA or a Mastercard with a 5% fee per transaction.
Generally, OKEx seems to be a safe exchange to use although there have been some rumors about the platform being hacked in the past. The customer support does receive a lot of criticism with mixed opinions on how slow the system currently is.


Koinpro might be a new exchange but the team behind the platform has a lot of experience and knows how to handle the crypto market. With a wide variety of contracts and the ability to trade CFDs using Bitcoin, Koinpro is rapidly becoming a very popular and much-needed futures exchange.


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