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How Could Blockchain Technologies Could Expand our Sex Life

Tinder is the most famous dating app for dating and sex on the planet. There are already many platforms related to dating that are already on the blockchain. Hicky, a platform that promises full security of your private data and personal affairs, while you can date whoever you want, wherever you want. The blockchain is different, however, and Hicky has proven itself to be a reliable structure on which to build the next level of dating apps. On the plus side, there’s the scalability of these platforms, as there are still way too little users on these platforms for the idea of the blockchain to become more scalable.
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Since the beginning of humanity, men and women have lived together, and have coupled together, in order to reproduce and move the species further along. But sex is not always used as a matter of reproduction. Having proven health benefits, sex can even be a social tool for people who never knew each other, but by jumping into bed together they get to see if they’re a good match or not. With the help of apps, people from all over the world can date and enjoy each other’s company in a matter of days or even hours. But is this the right way for people to use technology in order to find intimacy?

The global dating app of today

Tinder is the most famous app for dating and sex on the planet. Having over an estimated 50 million active users, Tinder has broken all previous dating website and app records that have been set before. In the past five years, the number of Tinder “Matches” has reached a whopping 50 billion, as the company reported. A Match is when two people swipe to the right on each other’s profiles; that is to say, they both like each other and would like to chat.

How does online dating work?

Nobody actually knows how Tinder works. Sure, we know the basics: you get the app on your phone, set up your account, put on a nice picture of yourself, and then start looking to match with someone you like. If you find a person that’s attractive to you, you swipe to the right. If not, you swipe left. Still, it’s left ambiguous as to just how the system actually works, since the developers keep the algorithms private in an attempt to turn down copycat apps.


  • An unlimited number of opportunities to match with your next significant other. If the adventure turns into something more or not, you’re still a winner.
  • The ability to make some great friends, most of them with benefits.
  • Getting a local to show you around their town for free, just by swiping to the right on them in the app.


  • The chance of not liking most of the people you meet through the app.
  • The risk of meeting potentially dangerous people, as anyone can sign up for a profile.
  • Judgemental people that never use Tinder will always be harsh of the ones who do. But this is your choice to use it, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re an open-minded person.

Crypto-technologies, the gateway to a better sex life?

Crypto-technologies can enhance every aspects of our lives, including the way we have sex. There are already many platforms related to dating that are already on the blockchain. For example, there’s Hicky, a platform that promises full security of your private data and personal affairs, while you can date whoever you want, wherever you want, without being judged. There’s also Nocta, or “the decentralized future of sex,” another platform dealing with organizing high-class leisure for adults. For lack of a better word, let’s go deeper and see just how these platforms work in comparison to Tinder and other non-crypto sex apps.

Crypto-based sex platforms of today

This platform focuses on the underlying currency of relationships: trust. This is essentially how Hicky works. Current platforms take this value and throw it out the window. One of the biggest problems with dating sites nowadays is the ratio between men and women, as the balance is always heavier on the men’s side. Of course, there have been many platforms which tried to resolve this discrepancy, but none have succeeded.

The blockchain is different, however, and Hicky has proven itself to be a reliable structure on which to build the next level of dating apps. Hicky focuses on having an app that is more suitable for women than men in the first place, thus engaging more women to sign up for an account. This is achieved by giving the app a look that is more suitable for the ladies. Also, due to the fact that users are all verified, women can trust it more, therefore having them sign up in larger numbers. Furthermore, because the app is on the blockchain, their personal data is never stored. The safe dating experience is allowed by a consensus mechanism that gets rid of the people who don’t behave respectfully.

There are pros and cons to Hicky and other blockchain-based sex platforms. For one, there’s the user base issue, as there are still way too little users on these platforms. In order for the platforms to become more scalable, the whole idea of the blockchain has to first become an international thing, before being applied to the sex dating apps. On the plus side, there’s already a great deal of these apps out there, and some actually get recognition in traditional media, which is great for scalability.

You also get to have a more private experience on the blockchain, which is not possible with traditional dating apps, as every single bit of information you put on the registration form will somehow turn against you (you’ll see a lot of ads because of your natural desire to connect with other people) and make you regret your decision of signing up in the first place. Since the blockchain is decentralized, your data is encrypted and stored throughout the system, but not by just one individual who has access to it.

How does the future look for the blockchain’s dating and sex platforms?

So far, we’ve talked about the differences between a normal, non-crypto dating app and a crypto-based one. They both have their benefits and flaws, and they could both use some improvements. But we’ve barely scratched the surface of the blockchain-based sex life. In fact, a new platform called ExoLover is clearly the one to examine now, in the prime days of sex app development on the blockchain.

Ecosystem for global sexual interactions on the Blockchain

ExoLover is not just your normal sex app, thanks to the blockchain and its anonymity possibilities. The people behind this service promise to go one step further and actually deliver sex toys that will make it possible for lovers tens of thousands of miles away to interact sexually, mimicking the sex from the comfort of their own homes. This innovation will be made possible by combining everything that technology and the blockchain are capable of today.

Things like artificial intelligence, the state of the art electronics, machine learning, and of course, crypto-technologies are all coming together to offer users the ultimate sexual experience. Basically, it’s like having sex with the person you met online, regardless of the fact that you’re thousands of miles away from them. The feelings, both emotional and physical, will be almost 100% like the ones you get in real life.


ExoLover is the first to connect users through a blockchain-based peer-to-peer social networking platform with the innovative devices for transmitting real sexual sensations. There are several devices that ExoLover came up with, and the whole array of toys are called the Exo Suite; some of them are the ExoWand, ExoThrust, ExoTouch, and ExoSuit.

These sex toys come with preceptory haptics and somatics capabilities, allowing for full sexual simulation by mimicking sex through their specially designed products. They work by mimicking the sex between two people that are not in the same room, which gives them the same carnal pleasures they’d get if they were together.

Is this a blockchain-only solution?

Of course, you might be wondering why are these devices based on the blockchain and not implemented through the usual mediums like the traditional Internet. The short answer is privacy. In a world where almost everything you do is public, the last thing an individual would like is for his or her to have their virtual sexual interactions out in the open. By putting the entire thing on the blockchain, the anonymity it comes with is virtually impenetrable, as the information is stored through a decentralized network which never allows the end users to access your data. This, of course, means you can satisfy your wildest and kinkiest sexual fantasies in complete anonymity.

The blockchain allows for token payments for these services, which is also another layer of added anonymity meant for your own safety and peace of mind. Sure, a distributed network would have more capacities for the future, but that doesn’t mean users can’t grow a decentralized network like ExoLovers if the creators really do deliver on the things they promised.


The sex and dating business has reached $30.6 billion in value. This means that the ever-growing industry is capable of much more than it now delivers. With technologies implemented in apps like Tinder, the world of dating has been transformed forever. But these apps have their flaws: no privacy, mismatches, the disposability of people, the list could go on forever.

The blockchain is disrupting industries throughout the world. It started with the economic world when a little and insignificant virtual coin called Bitcoin was invented oh so long ago. Since then, it revolutionized several industries, and the sex and dating one is up next.

The main difference is privacy, as the blockchain allows complete privacy for you and your sexual desires that can all be fulfilled from the comfort of your own home. You can pay for everything with tokens, which means that nobody’s going to be tracking you back to your bank account. If these crypto-solutions are the future of the sex and dating industry, we’ll have to wait and see, but the promises are impressive and the people who’ve already tried out the products are going to remain fans for a long time to come.

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