How confident are you that {{ site.url }} website has no JS errors?

Today, websites are more and more relying on JavaScript to be fully functional. JavaScript errors can dramatically affect end user experience. It’s important to detect such errors and fix them before they hit your end users. The vast majority of tools, if not all, help to find JavaScript errors with Real User Monitoring. This kind of tools is not the silver bullet though. For example, they can trigger a significant volume of false positives due to extensions like ad-blockers or proxies. Moreover, these services break the “never trust the client” rule.

By crawling and detecting JavaScript errors in a controlled and secured environment, SEO4Ajax offers a reliable alternative. Indeed, it is the only SaaS able to crawl JavaScript-based websites and yield such errors by using up-to-date Chrome browsers.

It’s simple, there is nothing to install! Register and crawl your site on SEO4Ajax, then just look at the SEO reports to identify pages with JavaScript errors.

Demo showing the JS errors report

Like any other SEO tools, SEO4ajax will also report broken links, duplicates, pages with low word count or missing hreflang tags. Feel free to contact us to get a free trial and start detecting your JavaScript errors!

The SEO4Ajax team

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