How can VR improve your Real Estate business? by@moniqueecarolien
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How can VR improve your Real Estate business?

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What is Virtual Reality in Real Estate Business?

Virtual Reality (VR) offers people artificial lifelike environment. What is it needed for? It would be of help for people who can take virtual tours of the houses they are interested in. Potential customers don’t need to leave their own houses anymore, while they are choosing a new property to buy. Moreover, people can take virtual tours before they even contact a realtor. It saves time for both realtors and customers. Also, customers can see rooms size ratio, ceiling height and other things they may consider as important.

Why VR can make a realtor’s work more effective? Because they have more time to work with buyers who have already found the property they need.

Surfaces may be customized

So clients can not only have a tour of a property via VR but customize any surface they want. Walls, flooring, fabrics, furniture models, and even counters can be changed to their taste.




Virtual Staging

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 77% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

Living room staging was more important for 55%, master bedroom for 51%, and the kitchen for 41%.


So with the help of VR agents can make amazing tours for the staged property.

Architectural Visualization

Realtors have always faced the problem how to market a property which hasn’t constructed yet. You could see 3D models that show a neighborhood. These models help buyers to imagine the architecture.


Landscape Design

According to Trendnomics, National Gardening Association, 99% of real estate adjusters accepted that a good landscape design attracts buyers more and increases the sales.


Thanks to VR, looking for an apartment or a house to live in, has become more fun and less nervous. People can choose on their own, can not spend money on enormous tours for different houses. And of course this new technology saves time, because buyers don’t have to leave their houses anymore. All the tours can be done by VR and it is available on every platform.

Realtors can work more effective and spend more time making stunning staging, hotpoints, and think of variants of surfaces customizations.

This is how VR changes real estate business, when each side benefits from it.


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