How Buy Now, Pay Later Can Help You Hack Your Budget by@brianwallace

How Buy Now, Pay Later Can Help You Hack Your Budget

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Healthcare costs are a major concern in America.  Nearly 69% of Americans fear they won’t be able to afford their own healthcare costs in the future.  These fears are most acute in the 43 to 57 age group.  Furthermore, healthcare isn’t just for humans.  Pet owners want to keep their furry friends healthy, but 2 in 3 aren’t sure they can pay for it the conventional way.

Without any sign of healthcare costs reversing trend, the next best solution is an easier payment process for customers.  Many Americans can’t afford to pay the full bill upfront with cash or debit.  Credit might be an option, but it’s one that tends to come with a high interest rate.  Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) plans offer flexibility that other options can’t.  BNPL plans are superior to cash and debit in that customers don’t have to pay the full amount right away.  They also have a leg up on credit in that they don’t charge the same fees and interest rates that credit cards do.  BNPL plans come with fair, fixed rates that are easy to understand. 

77% of pet owners are familiar with BNPL.  Over half of pet owners have used BNPL as an alternative to other payment methods.  For most people, the budget offered by BNPL is easy to stick to and offers a less stressful way to give their furry friends the treatment they deserve.  This option is especially important for individuals without pet insurance. 

Another type of healthcare that benefits from BNPL systems is dental care.  Dental care tends to be covered separately from other forms of health insurance in America, making it less likely for Americans to be insured.  40% of Americans take a month or longer to pay off a trip to the dentist already.  It greatly benefits these Americans to have a low-interest option in scenarios such as these.  Most Americans are familiar with BNPL already; nearly half have used it before as an alternative to other payment methods.  Interest in BNPL spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly among millennials (the 25 to 41 age group).




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