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How Blockchain Technology Will Affect Current Mobile Trends

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@melissacrooksMelissa Crooks

Now that mobile app development has become intertwined with blockchain technology and blockchain development, the affect on current trends has been noticeable. Mobile movements are going to shape the world going forward. Blockchain technology and blockchain development are a key part of that equation.

There are some who may believe that blockchain technology and blockchain development have little to do with the advancements that are being made by mobile app developers. This is a common point of view but that does not change the fact that it is patently false. These two areas are more closely tied than most realize.

To learn more about the ways that blockchain technology and blockchain development will affect mobile apps in the future, it all starts by finding out as much as possible about the current trends. Let’s take a closer look at the current trends for mobile app developers from blockchain development company and the users of these apps.

Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile app developers are being forced to work harder and harder to receive the same return on their investment that they are accustomed to. With so many companies competing for the same dollar, it is tough to find a niche that is truly profitable. The app developer community has taken notice of this trend and is attempting to make the proper changes to their process.

Lack of User Retention

As the number of available options increases, the amount of user retention decreases. The average customer does not feel the same sense of loyalty that they once did and this leads to faster decision making processes. These processes do not tend to work in the favor of the mobile app developers and it can be difficult to find a way to keep the consumer interested after the initial rush has worn off.

Monetizing Opportunities Are Vanishing

App developers and businesses that are looking to replace their lost income with a higher volume of advertisement are placing themselves in a challenging position. It is not easy to choose the proper amount of ads that will allow for greater monetizing opportunities without damaging the user experience along the way. This is one of the most difficult juggling that businesses and app developers have to consider going forward.

What Are The User Related Trends?

In App Purchasing

Now that app users have developed more of an “old school” mentality when it comes to their in app purchases, this is something that developers need to consider. Users expect to make their in app purchases with the use of a credit card and are somewhat wary of additional options.

Peer to Peer Transactions

This is one of the main areas where blockchain technology and blockchain development will come into play. The modern consumer demands the ability to conduct peer to peer transactions whether they are looking to split a check at their favorite restaurant or engage in stock market trades.

How Will Blockchain Technology and Blockchain Development Change The Future?

As blockchain technology becomes more and more prevalent, the opportunities that are available for app developers will also continue to grow. Users who are looking to make in app purchases and conduct peer to peer transactions must be able to carry out these tasks without fear.

This is where blockchain development is only going to gain in importance over the next few years. Transactions are no longer being conducted in traditional brick and mortar locations. One day, all of our transactions are likely to take place over the phone or with the use of wearable tech accessories.

What Are Some Examples of Blockchain Development At Work?

Social App Incentive Programs

Social apps can use blockchain as a means of rewarding their users. Let’s say that the app is looking for ways to provide much needed incentive for their users to share and promote their business. Thanks to blockchain, they now have the chance to do so without placing any of these users at risk.

Cryptocurrency coins are rewarded to the users within the app itself and this makes it easier for the user to make in app purchases at a later date. In some instances, the coins can be used within other apps or the user is able to convert them to fiat money.

Better Gaming Experiences

For example, a user may be using an app to assist them when they are in the midst of playing a role playing game. These games can be a lot of fun but they can also require certain transactions to take place. Players that are in search of a gaming app that allows for safe transactions are going to be more likely to download an app that is protected by blockchain technology.

Players will often look to make in game purchases from other players and this is where peer to peer transaction protection is important. With the use of blockchain development, these transactions can now take place in a manner that is equally beneficial to the players and the business that is responsible for the app’s creation.

Branding Opportunities

In a world where businesses are constantly in search of better branding opportunities, blockchain technology is only going to take on a greater level of importance when it comes to digital advertisement. Businesses can now create their own currency and reward their customers in the manner that they see fit.

This allows businesses to create the sort of branding opportunities that are just too good to miss out on. Instead of waiting for a customer to make a certain number of purchases before providing them with a reward, a branded crypto token can serve as the incentive to continue to shop with them.

Now that customers are not going to be visiting physical stores as frequently as they once did, plans like these take on a much greater level of importance. After all, branding opportunities like these only come along every so often.


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