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How AI Is Transforming The Field Of Education

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@netashaadamsNetasha Adams

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the wonders of the modern world, which isn’t going to cease to amaze the most intelligent of human beings. Like other fields, the field of education is also gaining the maximum amount of benefits out of the promises of the AI-powered technology. 

The said transformation is not about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but is also relevant to the field of education as a whole. The whole industry of academia sees a transformation because of AI-powered tools and technologies. Educational institutions from elementary level to higher education level  

This article aims to spread a comprehensive level of awareness on the subject of the assistance of AI in the field of education.  

Three ways AI is benefiting people in the field of education

AI is benefiting people with breakthroughs in all fields of life. To acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage those breakthroughs and promote innovative thinking, events, exhibitions, and conferences occur in the east and the west. 

Business people, tech enthusiasts, and researchers from all fields attend those events. Such events on AI in UAE have been gaining pace and are grabbing the attention of business people from diverse backgrounds.  

The field of education alone has been seeing innovation in the following ways:

1. Hyper-personalized learning experience for students

Whether it is about academic learning or other life skills, every human being is different. Every child in a classroom has distinct needs and varying levels of mental capabilities. Not all teachers are smart enough to deal with this turmoil in the classroom. They prefer to deliver content in a streamlined way.

But when AI enters the picture, it provides a whole another level of being considerate towards the individualistic needs. Now, AI-powered systems enable the educational institutes to develop a custom learning and aptitude profile of every student.

On the basis of this profile, the educators all over the world can assess the abilities of their students better than ever before. They will thus also be able to help students improve their learning curve significantly.

2. Voice assistants for content delivery

Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana are serving as the guardian angels for the educators in this regard. Students can use these tools to have an interaction with the course material and serve their informational needs.

 Instead of providing the traditional handouts on the content to be learned, the educators provide the students with voice assistants. Arizona state university is indulging in this practice for some time now for providing assistance to freshman students on campus.

Such practices reduce the need for internal support at all times. Besides, the students have an increased level of facilitation in the learning aspect of academic experience. This is one of the best manifestations of AI, reducing the burden on the shoulders of a human being.

3. Assistance to educators in various tasks  

In the field of education, academic learning and content delivery is not the only concern for you as an educator or as an institution. You have to manage the academics and the performance of students and carry out administrative tasks which enable an academic environment to function smoothly. 

It includes HR work, classroom environment management, essential paperwork, personnel management, classroom materials management, and the non-teaching responsibilities like grading of essays and facilitating the students facing issues not related to academics. 

Educators are now using intelligent assistants to reduce their burden. Apart from reducing the burden, the efficiency in managing all the non-teaching responsibilities has improved significantly as well. 

Future of AI in education!

The role of AI in the field of education is beginning to gain traction since the past decade. Its manifestation in AI events in UAE has been drawing the attention of tech enthusiasts from all parts of the world. These events are not confined to displays of small models. There are summits and conferences occurring in many countries, and extensive research is underway.

While it is still very much there in the present educational environment, in the near future, AI and Machine learning are certainly going to penetrate the educational experiences completely. The algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent. The curiosity of academicians, as well as the industrialists, is also on the rise. So it is safe to say that there won’t be a dull moment in the future when it comes to the role of AI in the field of education.


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