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How a Small Business in the Arctic Circle is Selling to the World

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Ilkka is former IT, but now is doing something completely different. Instead of spending his time fixing computers, he is the CEO of Arctic Warriors, an ecommerce shop selling Finnish superfoods. I had the pleasure to interview him recently, and got to talk to him about his shop, Lapland, the region in Finland he’s based out of, and bitcoin. See the video and more below:

Our discussion took many great turns, he gave a very in depth look at his various herbs and their uses, including Angelica, Roseroot, and my personal favorite for name alone, Kerkkä which is high in vitamin C, leading it to be called the “orange of Lapland.” Ilkka is especially proud of the research his firm has done into his products.

When our discussion turned to Bitcoin he laid out three reasons why he chose to include the Blockonomics Bitcoin payment plugin on his website. First, he thinks Bitcoin will allow him to expand his market to include other countries and people that he wouldn’t be able to reach as easily without Bitcoin. Second, he “like[s] to be a forerunner,” he likes adopting new things that have the potential to take off, it pays to be ahead. Third, but not least, he adds, “It’s nice to do things you’re interested in,” when running your own shop, and he felt it would be fun to set up Bitcoin payment plugin.

Check out the full video here, we talk about a lot of great stuff that will keep anyone interested, whether you’re into Bitcoin to Finland to Superfoods.

Blockonomics is a company dedicated to helping small business owners take control of their payment solutions. Bitcoin allows them to do that, check out our website here. Also, check out Arctic Warriors website here.


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