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How A Real-Time Voice Chat API Helps You Make Dramatic Changes In Your Business

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Real-time communication is the most common need of a business. It has the power to make a difference across the geographies and industries.  Whatever is the scenario, whether it’s about sharing ideas and working together to get immediate assistance from experts or maintaining personnel to address equipment issues - real-time communication is the immeasurable pillar when it’s about businesses in recent days. Therefore, to run a successful business real-time communication is very much needed to connect with the customers, organization, etc. This article is all about getting into the details of real-time Voice chat API.

Let’s explore! 

Live Communication Solution Provider in Businesses

When businesses make use of live or real-time communication solution, they look for certain tools to serve their clients:

  • Calling customers via conventional telephones
  • Mobile or cellular phones
  • Instant messaging API such as whatsApp or WeChat
  • VoIP
  • Robotic telepresence
  • Live teleconference
  • Live video conferencing

However, you have noticed that all these tools are based on the communication mode that happens with the element of being “live” or “something happening right away.” Even all these do not include the traditional way of web communication such as emails, blogs, or bulletin boards.

Mostly, the enterprise never wants their customers to become disengaged and uninterested when it comes to interaction. As this can also impact their operations as they too suffer from inefficiency via
traditional mode of interaction. 

Thus, the businesses always want to retain their customers through offering the easy mode of communication via voice call and text messages. And sometimes prefer these all be integrated into their existing application brand.

Let’s have a look at some of the available real-time messaging API services in the market:

1. Voice calling API

Voice calling APIs are available with extensive voice-calling features and can be integrated into any application. The features of Voice calling API also moves well with building a complex and faster voice workflow.

However, this real-time communication service allows the businesses to connect with clients via their existing VoIP infrastructure.

2. Short Message service (SMS) API

This short message service API solution is something that has been used by customers more often. Even the user base is more when it comes to youngsters. It mainly focuses on providing the businesses with high end secure messaging services.

How Cost effective and Time Saving Voice API over B2B 

When it comes to B2B, they can experience a more satisfying client once they get in touch with real time communication via Voice API. These solutions allow them to coordinate with customers via, website call-backs, instant lead SMS alerts, interactive Voice Response, and much more.

Moreover, with regards to customer service these voice API permits the customers to get connected at their most convenient time, eventually raising the sales rate. Real-time communication solutions are built as a web-based one and target on accelerating high client engagement.

It is considered to be cost effective as they are available with one time cost purchase i.e., the businesses do not have to keep on investing on this, It’s like one buy once and forget. The rest will be taken care of by the API solution. 

Apart from being cost effective they are highly productive in the highly competitive business environment through customer engagement strategy using real-time communication.

It uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests, and enables the firm to send, receive, and monitor SMS and social channels straight away from the software.

The Foremost Use-Cases that Uses Voice APIs:

The developers build the voice APIs in such a way that can be integrated into any device includes iOS, Android, and web applications. It also allows the developers to add full VoIP functionality to apps so that can make or receive calls over the internet, without any interference from the PSTN

Let’s see the best five use case that makes use of the best Voice calling

1. Payment Reminder

There are certain sectors where it is essential to have a track over the payment transactions and related reminders. For instance, the banking and insurance world, that plays will currencies must have the payment reminder for their customer with the touch of courtesy and personalization.

They have to take utmost care of not frustrating the customers at the beginning itself with their payment reminder. Thus, to avoid such misunderstanding these banks make use of automated reminders to get over. In the case of insurance companies the reminders are via outbound automated calls to remind the premium due date. 

2. Promotion

Promotions are the most important way to reach millions of potential customers. As per science, the human has the tendency to remember only 10% of the content they read across in a day.

So, it is always better to opt for some smart choice i.e., the inbound calling tool like ‘snap call’ to generate the campaign. However, you can also give a call back to the customer by asking them to leave a missed call on an assigned number. Thus, can provide desired information about a product and service.

3. Travel Updates

Do you love to travel and Plan for a trip? Then you might be happy if you get a recent travel update via a phone call! Therefore, many travel businesses are using these voice API apps to make automated calls to inform their customers about the time of flight, departure or postponing of the flights, etc. These services are known as OBD (outbound dialler).

4. Pre-recorded messages

Interactive voice responses services are the pre-recorded messages and this feature of voice API is mostly used in the customer service sector. 

With this audio calling API, the dialogs are created between the enterprises
and the customer by pre-recording a voice message without having the agent to attend each customer manually.    

Benefits of Using Voice Chat Apps

Let’s see some of the advantages of voice chat API integration,

1. Efficiency

With the support of API, developers can meet their target on time and also perform the task by consuming lesser time. 

API itself cannot be implemented but it can identify as to how software components need to be assembled to develop a program. API also helps in reinventing the wheel when it comes for developers to go with development.

2. Binding-up the gap

To start an online business, one does not need to have technical knowledge about the portal like Amazon, instead can learn as to how API contributes in filling the gap.

By collecting features and setting them together and exposing these
functionalities through endpoints, you can interact with any API. However,
every endpoint will have a particular format for both request and response these can be usually found in the API’s documentation.

Thus, API allows you to integrate your website with any online shopping platform to reach out the targeted audience.

3. Promotes Innovation

APIs are with the one that led to rapid innovation as those can utilize it to create solutions to make newer things. It provides a standardized interface to external developers.  

Previously, only those developers who could make use of APIs had a great knowledge about the data exchange models, as they have been provided with a firm interface as to how the software needs to be assembled. 

4. Integration and Customization 

These APIs can be integrated with any third-party platform like iOS, Android, and web applications. Even it allows gaining a deep knowledge of the users as to how they need to interact with the application.  


This article has unfolded more about voice chat API when it comes to businesses. To be precise it speaks to the true self as voice API is the secret behind the success of a business. And it can flourish any business with ease if ever been integrated.


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