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Hidden Things You Didn't Know Google Chrome Can Do

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There is no doubt Google Chrome is known to many users around the world. Many use Chrome browser for different things. The reality is that the majority are unaware of the myriads of things Google Chrome can offer. In this article, we shall be looking at five top things you can do with Google Chrome.

Five Top Things Google Chrome Can Do For Users:

1. Language Translation

Do you know you can virtually translate anything on the internet through the Chrome browser? Peradventure you stumble on non-English site, Google Chrome can automatically ask you if you like to translate the page to English in that situation you click on Yes option. If also you are trying to learn a different language, you can easily go to Chrome advanced settings and set your desired language. Chrome allows you to list language according to your preference.

2. Use Chrome Browser As Notepad

Chrome notepad is one of the hidden things that your Google Chrome can do effectively. If you desire to write things down while you surf the internet chrome notepad is there to assist you. You may want to ask if it's possible to use your browser as a notepad, yes, it is possible. All you need do is to enter Google webstore and add notepad to your chrome browser.

3. Ability To Access A Different Computer Without VPN

You can actually access your office computer from the comfort of your home. For example, if you need to get an important file or document from your work computer. Chrome Remote Desktop permits users to remotely gain access to other computer via Chrome browser. This is also available for android users who choose to operate their computer from their mobile device. All you need do is to add Remote desktop to your Chrome browser. Once this is done, follow the instructions. This is another major hidden thing that is unknown to many chrome users.

4. Play Videos

Are you a video lover, or you love streaming your downloaded videos? Chromecast allows you to play internet videos at your convenience. This chrome extension tool is unknown to many. Chromecast allows you stream video from the internet to your TV. This application only works on Android TV devices.ย 

5. Safe Mode

Do you know you can actually surf the internet without been secured of internet theft, or some getting hold of your browsing history? This is possible if you set your google chrome browser on safe mode. Use the Chrome incognito browser if you want to avoid saving your information to your PC. To further help your browsing history private on chrome, you need to utilize safe mode. Safe mode browsing saves you the stress of internet theft and information leak.

Got to Webpro Education to learn more about how to launch Google Chrome in safe mode. Follow the step by step guide on the site and you understand how effective and efficient it is to use chrome safe mode for your browsing section.