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Hey, a live chat on any website

by Thomas VanderstraetenFebruary 7th, 2019
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The Web isn’t what it once was: it seems we’ve gone from young, wild, and free to strict, old, and in bed by 20.30.
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Making the Web cool again with Blockchain and Karma

The Web isn’t what it once was: it seems we’ve gone from young, wild, and free to strict, old, and in bed by 20.30.

A Manifesto for a cooler and friendlier Internet

The Internet — a place we learned to read, write, and roam free — is growing more censored by the day, full of fools declaring fake news and forcing valuable information to be covered up or taken down. We’re here to say Hey, not cool. It’s time to soften up, search for our roots, and take back control. We want a new Internet norm — positive impact and supportive interaction.

That’s why Hey was created — a platform that provides undisturbed access to your peers and is built on transparency. Hey adds a top layer to the Internet onion, functioning as an extension on users’ browsers that nestles into the right side of each web page. The platform is a place to share ideas, advice, and insight. For example, to comment openly on available products and discounts accessible elsewhere, find help from fellow developers, or warn virtual friends of site scams. The major bonus: the Hey extension can’t be removed or edited by site owners themselves, so your input will never be altered or erased based on their agendas. The only time anything gets amended is when it’s deemed harmful to the health of the platform — hate speech and its foul friends — by other users. Even then, there are tools in place to minimize the risk of misreporting.

Hey takes democracy to the next level, incorporating a reward and referral system as well as karma points accrual in order to redistribute value to the users who create it. Power to the people? Yeah, that, and then some profit to the people.

Hey is here to make change happen and to promote liberty on the World Wide Web. We want you on board.

Leveraging Blockchain for transparency

In accordance with the Manifesto values, Hey leverages Blockchain to ensure all transfers of value are made in full transparency. Want to find out how? Check out this recent video at FOSDEM19:

Or, feel free to head to Hey’s Block Explorer to see things happen in real-time.

It’s only just starting…

If you recognise your values in this Manifesto, join this adventure and get involved:

There is much more to come very soon. Let’s make the Web cool again!