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Here's Why You Need Compelling Copy On Your 'About Me' Page

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Let me get this out there.

Yes, telling your own story is hard. It’s an ironic and universal truth. The story we know best is often is the story we often have the least confidence to tell. We’re afraid to say something nobody cares to listen to. But our fear of saying things that people hear and reject is even greater. So, we end up playing it safe and end up looking and sounding like everyone else.

But, the ‘About Me’ section of your website, LinkedIn profile, or your social media accounts is the most important copy you’ll ever write. It’s where others decide if you’re the right for them/their company/their team. Imagine if all the tech opportunities that you gained online were further solidified with a strong 'About Me' section.

How To Write A Compelling 'About Me' Page

1- Know your audience
This is your superpower. When you understand your customer’s or follower’s unmet needs, you’re at your most persuasive. Your ‘About Me’ should reflect that.

2- Lead with something more than just facts.
You can’t persuade with facts alone. That won’t move anyone. People want to hear your story. They want to know your WHY. Make your ‘About Me’ a window into your life, not a wall.

3- Be brave and share your values.
Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are and what you believe in (and stand for). I can’t emphasize this enough.

4- Show YOU.
If we’re talking about a website, show your face, add a professional photo to your bio. This is a given for social media, but remember that people buy from people. Your potential clients and followers want to see the person behind the business.

5- Tell people how you can help them.
Be very specific. Add links to your products, services, projects, etc.

6- Tell the story of your personal journey.
How did you get to where you are today? Share that and help your website visitors or followers understand how you know what you know. This makes you relatable and very engaging.

7- Help others understand the benefits of working with you, buying from you, or following you.
Add testimonials, recommendations, and stories about how you work.

8- Show how you’ve provided solutions for others.
Link to your portfolio, a remarkable project, client case studies, other social media accounts, etc.

9- Counterintuitively, don’t make it all about you.
Think about WHY you’re writing about you in the first place and how you want the reader to feel when they’re done reading it.

10- Write as you speak.
Sometimes when we try to sound professional, we tend to use words that separate us even further from our customers and followers. Your goal here is to build trust and stand out by being you! So sound like who you are. And, at all costs, avoid the jargon that everyone else uses!

A few examples of "About Pages" that work:

Go-To Skincare
It’s super clear that the founder, Zoe, has spent time getting to know her audience. Every single word on this about page says, ‘I see you’ to the reader.

James Clear
I wish he had a picture on there, but this is a fantastic 'About Me' page. James shows exactly what readers are going to get and his home page is one of the best examples of an email sign up embedded in an about page.

Warby Parker
They know that the 'About' page is the start of a conversation and a huge part of their marketing strategy — it shows.

Michael Hyatt
On his super simple page, Michael informs the reader about what they can expect to learn from him and the value he creates. He builds trust in lots of different ways, using photos, info about his professional and personal life, achievements, and subscriber numbers.

I love this page! It’s a great example of an ‘about’ page that knows who its audience is and communicates purpose, builds trust, and helps a prospective customer to know what to do next.

Well, if you’re a camera company what better way to tell your story than to use video?

Remember, your 'About Me' page is a KEY part of your marketing strategy. Don’t waste this opportunity to connect with your prospective customers, followers, and readers.


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