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Here's Why The BPO Industry Could Benefit From Hosted VDI

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Amassing over $92.5 billion in the global market and with 74% of businesses using IT outsourcing solutions, the outsourcing industry is one of the world's major industries. Outsourcing business operations allows a firm to be more productive and efficient with a great degree of cost-effectiveness.

This is where hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can enhance the work in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and put them above their competitors. Hosted VDI is a service by cloud providers in which they offer virtual desktops to the customers. These virtual desktops can be accessed from the end-point devices of the customers with the help of the Internet.

Let's have a look at why the BPO industry needs the hosted VDI solution.

1)  Comparative Ease of VDI Accessibility

When a company hires a BPO for outsourcing its business operations, its location doesn't play an important role. Even the hiring company itself may be present in a different city, state, or continent. This is why BPO uses remote solutions like hosted VDI in their business operations to give their employees greater flexibility, so they can serve customers from any time zone.

Hosted VDI allows a desktop to be accessed from anywhere, anytime, with the help of valid authorization and internet connection. With hosted VDI, they can ease the hassles associated with remote handling and conveniently embrace the remote setup. A BPO doesn't have to set up their desktops on the premises. Everything is taken care of by the hosting provider, allowing BPO to enjoy the benefits of remote solutions like the freedom to hire employees without worrying about their geographical constraints and time zone differences. 

And since COVID-19 has stressed the critical importance of working remotely, a ready-to-use remote solution will give firms an edge over their competitors and bring in more business opportunities.

2) Superior Data Security

A company requires a BPO for different business operations. From back-office functions like accounting, human resource management, and quality assurance to front-office tasks like marketing, sales, or customer service- a BPO operates over a versatile range of services. They have to deal with sensitive information and also follow regulatory guidelines like PCI-DSS and HIPAA while storing their data. 

However, a steep rise in cyber-attacks may catch a BPO unprepared and lead to loss of critical data. Also, they may lack the necessary experience to implement the right solutions correctly and follow compliance requirements.

Hosting VDIs frees a BPO from all these security hassles, allowing them to carry out their operations smoothly. The hosting provider has a multi-tier security surveillance system laced with the latest IDPS software, modern anti-hacking tools, and enterprise-grade firewalls for preventing any illicit access. They have their team of IT professionals who are well-experienced and adept at modern security solutions. Their servers are also physically guarded through comprehensive CCTV coverage, an anti-burglary system, and biometric verification for further securing your sensitive data.

3) Hassle-free IT Solution

Even though implementing a VDI solution provides benefits like round-the-clock accessibility and remote access, setting it up is equally tedious. One has to rent additional premises for server setup, hire IT professionals, invest in the necessary hardware/software, and employ physical security for its protection. Moreover, it is your responsibility to fix technical glitches, hardware failures, or server outages when they occur. 

And this is where a hosted virtual desktop solution can solve all your problems. When you go for hosted VDI, you just need to pay the cyclic charges. Then, from the initial setup to its maintenance, your hosting provider is responsible for the smooth functioning of the VDI. Their IT is well-experienced and available round the clock for technical support. So, next time instead of letting a crashed system slow your workflow, all you need is to intimate your hosting provider, and they will quickly get things back on track.

4) Enhanced Cost Control

Be it healthcare or the IT sector, every industry is on a constant lookout for methods that can increase the cost-effectiveness of their operations and help in better fiscal expenditure, which has been made possible by using the latest technological innovations. Similarly, a BPO industry can take a leaf out of their book and host their VDI to enhance cost control within their organization. 

When a BPO opts for hosted VDI solutions, it allows them to bypass the costs associated with purchasing office desktops and make things more cost-effective for their organization. They don't have to invest heftily for an IT setup or hire professionals for its maintenance. Everything is taken care of by the service provider.

Another advantage of hosting VDI is minimized downtime. When you are using VDI, a prolonged period of downtime can make your business suffer dearly. It can cause you to miss out on potential customers or damage your relationship with the existing client base. However, when you host VDI, the service provider ensures measures to minimize the downtime and the resulting financial losses.


Easy access to hosted VDI service, improved cost-effectiveness, premium security measures, and minimal IT hassles are some of the benefits you experience when you host your VDI.

It also offers flexible scalability options for scaling up/down as per your needs. This makes hosting VDI quite a profitable venture for BPOs and benefits them in the longer run. It leaves a profound impact on the BPO industry and will always continue to do so.


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