Here's How P2E Gaming is Building New Wealth Opportunities by@rickyrathore

Here's How P2E Gaming is Building New Wealth Opportunities

In-play to earn, the idea is not only to gain money within the games but also to use other services outside of the game setups. In 2021, we saw the largest development in P2E gaming, with dozens of new projects launching. NFTs are a significant part of all blockchain-based games. There are various income-earning opportunities; minting, playing cryptosos, minting and winning games and earning in-game cryptos. Staking and lending is one of the best ways to amass wealth in the best-and-so-important-defi-system.
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The world of P2E gaming has been gaining popularity in recent years. In 2021, we saw the largest development in P2E gaming, with dozens of new projects launching.

The idea of P2E gaming is to offer participants an excellent gaming experience while offering the ability to help people amass wealth. In-play to earn, the idea is not only to gain money within the games but also to use other services outside of the game setups.

An exciting thing about P2E is that the community contributes to the platform's growth and development. Hence, the gamer can participate in generating more opportunities to create wealth.

Due to the growing number of P2E gaming platforms, the options are highly diverse and easy to access.

This guide looks into how P2E gaming is creating opportunities to amass wealth.

P2E Reinvents Gaming with New Wealth Options

As P2E continues to advance, game developers are trying to find ways to engage players by placing incentives that could help them earn profits. A good example is Azur Games, a platform that develops mobile phone games, which could create ways for its players to earn profits with its over 2 billion downloads. The game developer has seen over 30 million players engage in their games.

One of the incentivizing options coming with Azur games is the  Axes Metaverse, which they have announced as a Play-to-Earn title. The Axes Metaverse is a battle royale game using the idea of play to earn. It combines battles, NFT trading, mining, and lending to offer a more comprehensive play-to-earn system. This network combines Defi and NFT to form Gamefi and generate wealth.

Similarly, other P2E networks introduce a wide collection of features that help create wealth. Look at the following income-earning opportunities;

NFTs to Earn

One of the most outstanding opportunities to generate income in the P2E gaming space is using NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are a significant part of all blockchain-based games. There is no P2E gaming network that does not use the power of NFTs.

The NFTs have various roles in P2E gaming. Among them include;

  • In-game assets. NFTs are often used to represent the many in-game assets in the gaming networks. To start playing a particular game, you must own a set of NFTs, the in-game characters.

  • NFTs can also represent the various collectibles within the network. For instance, in every game, the players could collect different assets, strengthening their winning possibilities.

  • NFTs can also represent the number of lives you have or the level you are playing.

In P2E, NFTs are probably the most entertaining mechanisms to create wealth for investors. But how do you get these NFTs and make wealth with them? There are various options.

For instance, you can purchase the NFTs in the marketplace when you start gaming. Depending on the level and rarity, you may need to pay more or less for the NFTs.

Another way to earn the NFTs in the P2E networks is by minting them. NFT minting refers to generating your own NFTs. Developing personalized NFTs in platforms that support minting can be an excellent way to get more wealth.

After minting, you can earn from the assets by selling them. Additionally, even after selling the NFTs, you still earn some amount perpetually. For instance, the above-mentioned Axes Metaverse comes with a marketplace where you can sell NFTs for tokens.

Another way to earn the NFTs as wealth is through playing the games and winning. As you win the games, you earn rewards in NFTs.

The value of NFTs will depend on their relevance and rarity. A rare NFT will trade at a higher value. You can sell them as soon as you earn them. You can exchange the NFTs for some amount of crypto or stablecoin.

Earn In-game Cryptocurrencies

Another way to earn money when playing NFT games is by making in-game cryptos. On some platforms, it's possible to earn tokens as in-game assets. Other P2E gaming networks allow you to collect cryptos while gaming. You can complete daily quest battles and races and earn income in the process.

Staking and Lending

Staking is one of the best ways to amass wealth in the Play to Earn system. You need to identify a platform that allows investors to stake.

You can also stake the basic Defi asset hosted by the P2E gaming ecosystem. For instance, most NFT gaming platforms have a native Defi token. They also offer staking opportunities for investors to make passive incomes.

Other NFT gaming networks will allow you to lock some NFTs in the smart contracts. In some cases, by staking one type of asset, you can get rewards in another class of asset. For instance, when you stake Defi tokens, you will earn NFTs. Hence, it's true that staking is one of the best opportunities to earn income in the P2E space.

Project Developing

Participating in developing the P2E gaming networks is also another way of earning and generating wealth. However, this type of income is only for the people with expertise to develop. All in all, participating in project development could be a good way for developers to earn.

Betting in Player versus Player Matches

Other P2E gaming platforms allow player vs. player matches. The platforms could require both parties to bet some NFTs or crypto before playing in such situations. The winner gets the total coins in the betting pool in PVP matches.

Can You Get Rich with P2E?

This guide has been exploring the idea of P2E gaming and its wealth generation options. Of course, it's possible to earn massive amounts of income and become rich in P2E gaming. P2E gaming options like Axie infinity, Decentraland, and others offer a vast collection of options to make passive incomes. Among the many options offered by the P2E networks include NFTs, Staking, and Betting.

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