Here’s a Quick Way to Solve App Overloadby@peter.e.schroeder
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Here’s a Quick Way to Solve App Overload

by Peter SchroederJanuary 21st, 2017
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Wow, I have a lot of apps.
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Wow, I have a lot of apps.

After taking a quick inventory on my phone, I discovered I have over 100 apps. Why the hell do I have over 100 apps?

The endless amounts of apps often leaves me with a feeling of chronic app fatigue (sounds dramatic, right?)

My daily circus routine of jumping from app to app led me on a path to reclaim control of my phone again.

Take Inventory And Simplify

Through taking an inventory of my phone, I was able to prioritize and bring my apps down to under 50 (still a lot, but it’s an improvement.)

I realized I didn’t need to keep an app on my phone for every single place I ever went. I deleted a lot of restaurant and coffee apps. They are great for deals, but not worth the clutter.

There is also no reason to have too many news apps. I ended up keeping just Medium and Pocket. Through pocket, I can see multiple news outlets stories.

Go through your phone and if there are any apps you don’t use on a weekly basis, get rid of it.

Social Media and Messaging

When my app cleanup was all said and done, I was left with mostly social media and messaging apps.

There just isn’t an easy way to cut down on these apps.

While there may not be a solution for this now, there will be one soon.

To solve this problem, I have decided to develop an app which caters to the problem at hand.

The app I am developing will combine all forms of communication into one simple application to both digest and send messages and emails from a central location.

I am currently in the early stages of development for my unified messaging platform, which I have named UNUM messenger.

I plan to launch UNUM messenger in March of 2017 as a Beta. If you would like to be notified when UNUM messenger launches, you can sign up to do so here.


Once you take inventory and clean up your phone and then sign up for UNUM messenger, you will be well on your way to defeating app overload.

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