Here Is What You Need To Know About VPN For YouTube by@khatri

Here Is What You Need To Know About VPN For YouTube

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YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms that almost every one of us uses for several purposes, including learning and entertainment. Considering the rapidly increasing cyber-crime rate, almost all of us are in danger of any kind of privacy breach. However, one of the best ways to secure your data is to use a Virtual Private Network for accessing YouTube.

VPN is necessary as it provides you with some control over how you are being identified online.

To know more about VPN for YouTube, keep reading the article. Moreover, you can explore a top-ranked tech blog for doing so. 

How Does VPN Work?

VPN creates a virtual encrypted channel between a remote server that is being operated by a VPN service and you. Now all the traffic is routed through this channel so that you can do completely secure surfing by masking your identity and location through the hiding of your IP address.

Reasons Why You Need VPN For YouTube:

Some reasons why you need a VPN for YouTube are mentioned below:

  • Hide Your IP Address

Hide your IP address while surfing YouTube. It hides the actual IP address of your computer from the advertisers, Trojans, and hackers, and even service providers. These objects may trackback all your activity to your IP address.

  • Acts as a Proxy Bypass

Change your geolocation, especially in the countries where YouTube is banned. Thus, you can change your VPN server’s geolocation and make it appear like your traffic is coming from another country where YouTube is not banned. Hence, it becomes your proxy and bypasses location restrictions from YouTube video streaming.

  • For Safe Browsing

To give you the online freedom you deserve and to let you surf the internet safely and privately without unwanted third-party tracking, it is necessary to avoid advertisers on YouTube from making money at the expense of your privacy.

Our Personal Recommendation: 2 Best VPNs For YouTube

Now, let us tell you two best VPNs for YouTube:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is currently one of the top recommended VPNs. With constant updating of VPN apps and faster speed, the performance of this VPN is pretty amazing. The NordVPN speed continues to improve as it keeps adding new servers to the network making its bandwidth much larger for all users. 

Apart from the speed, this VPN provides a security feature where advanced leak protection is provided. It offers more anonymity through their highly specialized servers and obfuscation so that VPN blocks can be avoided. The company has introduced double VPN servers along with Tor-over VPN servers to offer further anonymity.


  • Live chatting option.
  • User-friendly applications available
  • Presence of double-hop VPN servers
  • Presence of tor-over VPN servers
  • A feature that supports ad blocking
  • It does not maintain logs
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

2. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN provides the latest encryption services along with other tools that include split tunneling, leak protection, and a very user-friendly interface of the apps. It also supports peer-to-peer and files sharing services. Its hosting services are built-in to accommodate and cover all sorts of platforms. 


  • User-friendly, easy to use, and suitable for all sorts of users
  • Customizable tools and additional features
  • Support all sorts of platform and devices
  • Highly competitive speed
  • Attractive rates
  • 24/7 customer support service

Final Word

The bottom line is that as you have read above, every VPN has its own features. However, in the case of YouTube, you need a VPN that allows for fast speeds along with geolocation restrictions services. In the end, we advise you that you should always choose your VPN service provider according to your budget and security requirements.


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