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Help Launch Gaza’s First Coding Academy

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Several months ago I agreed to be part of a funding campaign for Gaza Sky Geeks. This is an organization that we had previously supported through the Techstars Foundation, which is how I was introduced to them.

The goal was simple — provide enough funding for a generator for the organization. I can’t remember what the first goal was, but I think it was around $60,000 total.

The support for this effort has been awesome and the campaign has expanded as it blew through the original $60,000 goal. The handful of initial supporters has expanded to a now impressive list, that includes recent support from Marc Benioff.

The campaign is now shooting to raise enough money to Launch Gaza’s First Coding Academy. There are two days left in the campaign and are currently at $210,000 of a $270,000 goal.

If you are game to donate, please give us a hand. And spread the word.

If you are curious about the matching funds, they are coming from the following list of people.

Marc Benioff: Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Salesforce
 Skoll Foundation
 Brad Feld: Managing Director, Foundry Group
 Paul Graham: Co-Founder, Y Combinator
 Eric Ries: Entrepreneur, blogger, and author of The Lean Startup
 Dave McClure: Founding Partner, 500 Startups
 Fadi Ghandour: Co-Founder, Aramex
 Badr Jafar: CEO, Crescent Enterprises
 Hala Fadel: Partner, Leap Ventures
 Jon Bradford: Co-Founder of F6S and Tech.eu
 Freada Kapor Klein: Partner, Kapor Capital
 Mitch Kapor: Partner, Kapor Capital
 Zahi Khouri: Founder, Chairman, and CEO — National Beverage Company — Coca Cola Palestine
 Samih Toukan: Chairman of Jabbar, Co-Founder of Maktoob and Souq
 Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Principal scientist, Google
 Mustafa Sezgin: Head of Engineering in Amsterdam, Uber
 Khailee Ng: Managing Partner, 500 Startups
 Jenny Lawton: COO, Techstars
 David Cohen: Co-Founder, Techstars
 Christopher Schroeder: Investor and author
 Gisel Kordestani: COO, Crowdpac
 Hussain Al-Shorafa: Co-Founder, Second Act
 Zohre Elahian: Co-Founder and Board Member, Global Catalyst Foundation
 Zoe Adamovicz + the Neufund Team
 Krista Marks: CEO, Woot Math

Originally published at Feld Thoughts.

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