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Hello World by Madhav Kunal

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@maddykutechnoMadhav Kunal

Full Stack Developer | Futurist

(Image by Derek Robinson from Pixabay)
My name is Madhav Kunal and I am trying to break into the web development world. I am currently self-learning programming, full-stack web development, CS, data structures and algorithms. But this post will be non-technical. It will answer questions very truthfully regarding why I want to do this and my story and pilgrimage into the world of technology.
There are multiple reasons, some of them are personal and some of them are professional. Things are always complicated. But personally, I wanted the flexibility and freedom to explore and to learn more about the technologies that are shaping the world.
Professionally, I went to business school but always felt somewhat of a misfit during my time there. I did end up graduating and I have a business and market perspective now (that sometimes gets annoying) but that I believe will serve me well.
Also, I believe that we are entering a hyper-tech driven economy so I am convinced that I made the right choice from a professional-standpoint.
In my Junior Year of Business School, I started to become very curious about technology and my entry point was trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoins in the cryptomania of 2017. I then started to read a lot of white papers and my curiosity began to spike.
All of a sudden, I was talking to strangers on Discord Groups about their cryptocurrency predictions. I was reading white papers talking about overhauling an entire financial system overnight and creating a decentralized world. And crypto crashed terribly a few months later.
But that didn't matter.
It didn't matter because that time blew open my curiosity gates. I started to dive deeper and deeper learning about digital transformation and started watching Singularity University Videos about a complete transformation of our economy.
All of this stuff is crazy and makes you question too many things and models (Some might even call you a conspiracy theorist). There's no downplaying that.
But change is all around us and there is no denying this. I started to ask questions about why everyone is on their iPhone all the time and why tech companies had become so powerful.
People like to overcomplicate things alot but somethings are ironically very simple. Tech companies had become so powerful because everyone is on their iPhone all the time.
I don't want to go too deep into my philosophies because I will probably get in to too much trouble if I am too honest and piss off a lot of people. But asking a lot of crazy questions is what got me to where I am today in the first place and to wherever I go next.
And love it or hate it, Silicon Valley got where it is today by asking alot of crazy questions and by questioning alot of things. But where we go next in the next 10 or 20 years with our economic and digital systems is not just dependent on Silicon Valley.
It is dependent on society to start asking better questions and if they don't like what Silicon Valley is selling, to voice their opinions and to talk with their wallets also.
In today's hyper-polarized climate where everyone hates each other and is overly anxious it's time to calm down and to start collaborating with each other on solutions to humanity's toughest problems and challenges.


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