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After the debacle of the dot com bubble and the sweeping reorganization that happened in the internet ecosystem, the modern-day web was born. As this web architecture began to unfold and take shape, virtual role-playing online games like World of Warcraft became a popular thing. History appears to go around in circles and it does seem like the internet is folding in on itself with respect to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the emerging blockchain revolution takes form, a number of games have sprung up and have become vastly popular within the cryptocurrency community.

At the heart of this emerging trend is the shift towards owning virtual objects generally classified as cryptocollectibles. These digital items have the potential to appreciate in value much like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. This provides an incentive for users to become interested in the game as a means of getting their hands on what could turn out to be valuable digital assets. Cryptocollectibles are another startling example of the fact that just about anything can be created and issued on a blockchain. These games also expand the sphere of influence of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by creating new markets and encouraging greater participation. The following are some popular blockchain games.

1. Cryptokitties

Cryptokitties is an Ethereum-based cryptocollectibles game that allows players to breed digital cats using smart contracts. Since its launch on Thanksgiving Day last year, Cryptokitties has gone on to become a hugely popular game on the Ethereum blockchain. Such is the popularity of the game that it caused major disruptions to the Ethereum network and caused delays in the implementation of a number of Ethereum-based cryptocurrency ICO smart contracts. The load being imposed on the network by virtue of the activities of players on the game put a great deal of strain on the Ethereum network.

The game involves buying digital cats, and the breeding the cats to produce another generation of cats. The digital cats are essentially smart contracts with each cat having a distinct and unique set of attributes. The value digital cat species in the game is determined purely by market factors of demand and supply. Some cats have risen to almost become worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in ether. Cryptokitties is the brainchild of Axiom Zen, a Canadian tech company that strives to get more people involved in the blockchain community.

2. EtherWarfare

When it comes to collectibles on the internet, the fantasy and medieval genres provide a rich niche for scripting immersive and thoroughly engaging virtual collection storylines. This same concept is being applied to the blockchain network in the form of EtherWarfare, a medieval-themed virtual game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is another instalment in the cryptocollectibles ecosystem that thrives to create a marketplace for virtual items while enjoying a game at the same time. EtherWarfare builds upon much of what has been established by the Cryptokitties game. It even uses the same type of ERC-721 tokens that are used in the Cryptokitties game. ERC-721 tokens are non-fungible.

There are a number of attractions in the game that include collecting gear, unlocking chests, and trading in the game marketplace. No Medieval story is complete without a goodold fashioned battle and the game also involves a battle mode where players can battle each other. Players can also collect loot as well as forge new gear. Just like Cryptokitties, the items in this game also have unique attributes based on power, level and rarity. These attributes determine the value of an item in the marketplace. In order to play the game, users will have to install the MetaMask plugin on Chrome browsers.

3. CryptoCelebrities

Back in the day, people collected cards with pictures of their favorite sports players or kept posters of their favorite of celebrities. These days, it is possible to do all of that on the internet using the power of blockchain technology. CryptoCelebrities is another entry into the rapidly expanding world of cryptocollectibles. In less than 24 hours after the launch of the game, more than $1 million in ether had been traded in the game. Like many other cryptocollectibles, it is built to run on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game involves the buying, selling and trading of celebrity cards with pictures of celebrities on them. Just like many other collectible, the CryptoCelebrities cards are basically Ethereum smart contracts. With each purchase of a smart contract, it doubles in value, starting from an initial price of 0.0001 ether. By so doing, the marketplace is driven by demand just like with other cryptocollectibles. Donald Trump, President of the United States, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, and Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum co-founder are the most expensive smart contractsin the game presently. They all cost 151.4362 ether. Other high-value smart contracts on the game are for Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, and Kim Jong-Un.

4. Spells of Genesis

The Ethereum blockchain isn’t the only blockchain that supports games as there are also games built on the Bitcoin blockchain. One of such games is called Spells of Genesis which is a cross between a trading card game and a classic arcade feature. Spells of Genesis was developed by EverdreamSoft, a Swiss-based company. It is touted as being the first card trading game built to run on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is a nod to the popular Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering strategy card games.

The game allows players to collect and trade cards using the in-game cryptocurrency Bitcrystals (BCY). The game has many of the signature features of strategy card games like maps, cards with specific attributes, and the ability to combine cards to form high-power card variants.

These are just a few of some of the popular blockchain games that are available to players and crypto enthusiasts alike. These games have the potential to open up the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem to a wider audience. They also create a new marketplace for cryptocurrency tokens which leads to increased blockchain commerce.

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