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Have You Ever F*..ed Up Your Pitch?

I screwed up my company pitch in front of investors and many audience! Yup, that’s right! It was shocking and embarrasing …

After 4 years of going on stages and giving pitches at all kinds of conferences and events, I got panic attack. After one minute talking, I couldn’t breathe and had to stop talking. I felt embarrassed right there, but then I questioned why this happened to me…

The answer is very simple. Often times, we allow outside negativity affect our self-confidence, and who we actually are! By knowing myself, I know I am not the type of person to easily give up, but the negativity vibe around me affected my ability to be myself. Rejections and constant negative feedback can be overwhelming for sure. This is a challenge many entrepreneurs face when they are starting a venture. However, understanding the issue and finding ways to overcome the pressure is far more important than a few times embarrassment. We need to understand that no matter how difficult situations may seem at times, the reality actually is less stressful. Even though I am a big believer of ‘practice makes it easier’, I feel self-awareness is the key to overcoming this anxiety.

What I experienced made me realize I wasn’t working hard enough for my dream. Because I let the rejections get into me! Being an entrepreneur is nerve racking, but absolutely REWARDING. No matter how many more rejections you get, how long it will take to build your dreams, or how many pitches you screw up, you should just laugh at it and be stronger. Keep in mind, you are not the only one and so many people have F*..ed up their speech.

If you’ve experienced a similar situation, or went through similar challenges, share it here. It would be great to hear your entrepreneurial stories! :)

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