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Has Solana Encountered Another DDoS Attack? by@rickyrathore

Has Solana Encountered Another DDoS Attack?

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Ricky Rathore

I am a finance writer

According to recent reports that have emerged yesterday (on social media), the Solana network has been hit by a DDoS attack. However, the core development team of Solana is yet to address the rumored attack, which is said to have taken place in the earlier hours of January 4th.

Solana Suffers a DDoS Attack.

The Solana telegram community revealed that the coin's network was down earlier today due to a DDoS attack. The community explained that the hacker might have used spam to carry out the attack. They also said that the network was fixed behind the curtains and went back online. Solana's Core development team is yet to issue its statement regarding the 'allegations.'

According to some sources, the network took approximately four hours before going back online. A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) overwhelms a network by sending multiple commands to the web resource, making the network slower than expected. Such attacks have occurred in other networks like Ubisoft and NCSoft.

Even though the Solana Foundation did not offer any information regarding the attack, Solana holders noticed it. The SOL community caused a massive stir on Twitter and Reddit. Some users commented that they see 'huge slowdowns' but not an outage. Redditors also complained that such an outage is a significant blow to serious Solana traders.

Solana Witnesses a DDoS Cyber Attack for the Third Time

It is not the first time that Solana has suffered such an attack. Today marks the third time Solana has experienced a DDoS attack in six months. According to one of the Redditors, Solana is to blame for the attacks as the hackers are. The user's post read that a perfect blockchain should keep hackers away and never go down due to any attack.

In September last year,Solanaannounced that their network had suffered an outage due to a DDoS attack. The network's validators prepared for a new release before that attack, only to be hit by a 17-hour outage. A massive bot activity caused the outage on a Solana-based DEX, Raydium.  Even though the funds remained intact in the outage, the entire saga sparked a series of criticisms after developers chose to restart the network.

After three months, the developers were slapped by another DDoS attack. This second attack was 'much better' since the entire network remained online. Despite the noticeable slow operation of Solana due to the congestion caused by the DDoS attack, the co-founder Raj Gokal denied it.

The NFT game SolChicks came out to claim that its chick's NFT was responsible for slowing the entire network's performance. Since the Solana Foundation never addressed today's attack, it remains to be seen what their stance will be. The developer's long-term solution to such attacks also remains to be seen.

Editor’s note: As Solana’s co-founder has denied the attack, so we consider this story as an opinion piece.