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Hard Fork

A crypto action movie plot

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

A 19-year old boy creates a blockchain that tracks the movement of cargo ships across the Atlantic ocean with tokens (Oceango) that (aims to) facilitates transport of goods across the ocean. Meanwhile, a cancer cure (not yet replicated) was stolen at a research center in the US. The thief, under pressure from searching Federal Agents hid the cure in an artifact headed across the Atlantic. The Federal Agents finally caught up with the attacker while trying to escape on another boat. Accidentally, the thief was fatally shot in the crossfire. After searching him with no clues of where the cure is, they began searching through the cams for his whereabouts before his death. They found the ship where he likely hid the cure but the ship was already a long way into the ocean.

Then they began trying to contact the ship by radio. All of a sudden the communication went off and the ship varnished from every radar. The special agent in charge of the operation was at a loss. His daughter told him about the blockchain that tracks movement of cargo ships in an informal conversation. The special agent got on to it immediately and started searching the blockchain for the ship. Meanwhile, hijackers have taken control of the ship and they are searching for the cure too, because the thief who would have told them the exact location is dead. Since it was a cargo ship, and what they are looking for is a test tube, it was not a small search. The hijackers got alerted about the blockchain by an anonymous mole and since they could not stop the blockchain, they alerted their sponsor. So, the sponsor under an alias got a large amount of oceango tokens and announced a hard fork.

In the mean time, the crypto community went bananas as the price of the oceango suddenly shoots up by 1,000% from about $1.2 per token. The daughter of the special agent was so pumped she called her dad to tell him that she is now a millionaire. That whatever he was doing to oceango, he should keep doing it. The special agent immediately got in contact with the 19 year old founder to know what is happening. Then the boy explained what was going on and how they got a proposal for an hard fork. The sponsor of the hijackers then created an outside incentive for oceango token holders to support his fork of the chain so that the ship can become truly lost. For the ship to be found, the oceango blockchain must remain as it is. The intelligence agencies are still trying to figure out which ship it is. In a matter of minutes, oceango hodlers came out in record numbers to vote the hard fork. Because of the sensitivity of the matter, the federal agents couldn’t make it public. So, the public just thought oceango is about to hit mainstream adoption. The founder gave a statement against the fork, but the community thought he just doesn’t want to lose his influence and legacy. But then the special agent spoke mildly with his daughter about the situation. He gave no details but hinted the latest trend in oceango is not good and a matter of national security.

The girl stops shilling the coin on twitter and started withdrew her support for the hard fork which she had already showed support for. This brought a couple of harsh responses. Pushed to the edge, the intelligence agency with the help of the Oceango founder (who has now been briefed of the situation) started looking for people who have very large amount of oceango tokens. They pressed everywhere to get a physical address on them and started sending agents to them wherever they were. Those agents met with those people and began to talk to them privately about the situation. One of them however was extremely hard to find. One of those people they met tweeted that her withdrawal from the oceango hard fork proposal was due to a matter of national security. This sent chills over the entire community and people started to back down. That oceango hodler who tweeted the issue then told the Federal Agents, “you should have made this public earlier, we now live in a decentralized world, it’s better to hide in plain sight”. The hard fork was narrowly avoided and the ship was found.

Immediately the hijackers saw the agent’s boats coming their way, they fled on a speed boat, but they where eventually caught. When the sponsor saw that the ship had been found and confiscated, he dumped his tokens. This made the value of oceango go down by 800% in one day. After 3 days of careful search the cure was found on the boat. The founder of Oceango was given a medal by the president. Then the special agent having some relaxing time with is daughter apologized for the rekt value of her tokens. She said, smiling from ear to ear, “well, I sold 2,500 oceango tokens at $1,000 each”. The dad raised his eyebrows and said, “how do I get started with this cryptocurrency thing”. She answers, “first, you need to have a bitcoin wallet”. [Voice gradually fades, movie ends]

P.S. The sponsor was never found, his face was never shown.

I know the movie plot has a lot of faults, so as you chip in the corrections or edits in the comments, I will adjust the story. And someone should please get this to Hollywood; I am tired of the uninteresting nature of their movies nowadays.


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