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Hacking the Grocery Store Wars With Tech

By now you have surely noticed that grocery prices are falling. The last time I went to the store a dozen eggs cost $0.79. Part of the reason is that certain commodities are being overproduced, which is driving down prices. There are fewer exports going to China and other overseas markets and the cost of transporting goods is down. This is a good thing for your grocery bill, but it also means that grocery stores are going to have to compete for your business in other ways. This is where tech comes in: customers want convenience more than anything when it comes to grocery shopping, and things like online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery are looking better than ever!

Amazon isn’t the only retailer breaking into the grocery delivery game. Walmart is currently working on rolling out in-home delivery — yes, where people bring your groceries inside and put them away for you when you are not home — in addition to their already very popular curbside grocery pickup.

But this is not the only way tech is bringing convenience to your grocery shopping experience. Retailers like Amazon, Sam’s Club, and Kroger are using smartphone apps to allow customers to scan their groceries as they shop and skip the checkout line.

Learn more about how tech is winning the grocery wars from this infographic!

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