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Hackernoon logoHacking The Ego with Casey Fenton of UpStock and CouchSurfing by@trentlapinski

Hacking The Ego with Casey Fenton of UpStock and CouchSurfing

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@trentlapinskiTrent Lapinski

Episode 9: Part 1 of an interview with Casey Fenton, CEO and Founder of UpStock, and Co-Founder of CouchSurfing.

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In this episode Trent Lapinski interviews Casey Fenton, who is working on a new book on ego hacking. In this episode Trent and Casey discuss some of the techniques Casey has been researching and presenting that are going to be included in his new book which he’s still working on.

“It is so important to think about how we become our identity. We have to be very careful with how we are programmed. What is in our identity? What does that cause? We automatically find more of it, whatever it is. A lot of the time the authentic self is intuitively what I feel in my heart and soul, but maybe that authentic self was programmed by society, maybe that was no programmed by you. Maybe that authentic self means self author.
It is interesting, is the ego, is the identity, are the things inside me, are they self authored? Or are they authored by others? We want to rationalize who we are, we want to feel good. We want to say, ‘oh well I made all that stuff,’ but did we?” —@Casey Fenton

For Part 2 of this interview check out episode 10: Health Hacks with Casey Fenton

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