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Hackernoon Live: Updates from the Google Cloud keynote

9:24 PST— And we are live from the google cloud keynote. We are going to be doing something a little differently today by giving live updates from a thing. We wont be auto refreshing, so you will have to refresh on your own.

The cloud Tuesday keynote has begun, Diane Green speaking

9:30 — Diane Green is going through the standard “What have we done this year and what awards we have.” They have definitely done a heck of a lot, but its too much to type and isn’t new so we are gonna be silent for the moment.

9:32 — Google announces it is partnering with the NIH, there will be a panel at lunch

9:35 — Google announces that target is now on Google Cloud, CIO Michael E. McNamara is now out on stage describing their progress

Michael E. McNamara target CIO

9:43 — Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has come out on stage to detail the future of what google is working on with respect to cloud.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

9:45 — Sundar is detailing how google intends to take advantage of its machine learning expertise and scale to win the “Cloud Wars”

9:49 — Urs Hölzle Google employee number 8 has come around in a literal turning cube to describe trends in the overall in cloud, and detail changes in Kubernetes.

9:55 Google Launches Istio at version 1.0

10:00 — Google’s Istio is “An open platform to connect, monitor, and secure microservices.” — https://cloud.google.com/istio/

10:05 — Google announces GKE on prem, showing that the cluster they were serving from was IN THE ROOM (sorry, dev-ops horror film humor)

Google announces Kubernetes Engine On-Prem

10:09 — Urz Brings out Cisco VP of networking to talk about generalized infrastructure concerns.

Cisco announces a GA hybrid cloud platform where its the same deployment for developers no matter where the host is.

10:15 — We are in full g-suite mode for the next couple of announcements, we expect machine learning leveraged changes to google’s offerings here.

10:28 — Google announces a series of changes to g-suite, from autofill on emails (10% of emails are sent on gmail by clicking a button on a machine generated response), room suggestion, and autoreply on chat.

10:31 — G-Suite is now focused on killing the attachment apparently, which is good for version 27 of this post that we had lying around.

10:40 — Google announces its 3rd generation TPU, along with its 2nd generation being available in GA

10:42 — Google is Announcing its AutoML Public Beta, with strict data controls that will be welcomed by many corporations.

10:49 — Auto ML actually seems like a really useful tool for those of us with datasets, they showed off a really great categorization example using Donorschoose’s Kaggle dataset.

10:57 — They are currently demoing a Genesys and Google cloud Contact Center AI implementation. Something that may save us all some time on hold with a representative. It is in alpha as of today.

11:00 — The keynote seems to be winding down, we look forward to giving you all some in depth dives this week, but for now we are signing off.

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