HackerNoon App Review: The Mobile Experience in Imagesby@verlainedevnet
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HackerNoon App Review: The Mobile Experience in Images

by Verlaine j muhunguJanuary 8th, 2024
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The mobile app is a game changer, you can now go everywhere with a wealth of knowledge in your pocket, learn, grow, and boost your skills anytime.

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In the 21st century, the power to unlock your tech skills is at your fingertips, from computers, smartphones, and tablets, we can learn any skill we want no matter where we are on the globe.

Ignorance is a choice with many learning resources such as videos, blogs, books,... Regarding technical excellence, HackerNoon is the sanctuary of professional tech contributors sharing their expertise with the world.

The mobile app is a game changer, you can now go everywhere with a wealth of knowledge in your pocket, learn, grow, and boost your skills anytime.

After my first review let’s discover the mobile experience in image!

In this rich mobile experience, I am using a Xiaomi Redmi1 running Android 13

Installing the App

The HackerNoon App on Playstore

The app installs quickly and runs smoothly, thanks to an excellent user experience.

The hacker’s hospitality

The HackerNoon App

One of the best things after installing the App is the welcoming message from HackerNoon, a great way to join a tribe of internet junkies and contributors,the app was well-designed to inspire users to learn with a great learning experience.

Signing up

HackerNoon App Sign Up

The app provides various features including creating an account, reading articles, commenting, creating a curated playlist of favorite content, and much more. By downloading the app, you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge, and creating an account is a simple process that only takes a few seconds.

Exploring the content

The HackerNoon App Home Page

Upon logging in, HackerNoon welcomes me with a home tab where I can easily access trending stories and top reads. The app provides an exceptional audio-learning experience while browsing content, making it top-notch!

HackerNoon App

To conclude the audio experience, HackerNoon has implemented a seamless closure feature. Simply slide from the left, and the application will automatically close. The user-centric design, coupled with the effortless navigation of the app, is what I find most commendable.

The categories

HackerNoon Categories

Once you're welcomed by HackerNoon, you can head to the Home tab and scroll down to browse through different categories. This makes it easy to select the topics that interest you, without feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of the tech world. With the app's seamless navigation, you can explore and learn about anything through organized categories.

The search tab

HackerNoon App Search Tab

I can use the search tab to browse through all the content available on the platform. In this screenshot, I am searching for a particular brilliant contributor named Julie Plavnik. By doing so, I can easily access all the content that she has shared on the platform. I can read, bookmark my favorite stories, or listen to them with an audio experience. Once I select a story, I can press on the headset icon, and within a few seconds, I can listen to it. This is a great learning experience provided by HackerNoon.

HackerNoon App

After searching for a contributor with smooth navigation, I can read any story I want! In the screenshot, Julie Plavnik is explaining her advocacy for Web3, i can like, comment, listen, bookmark, and share the story with the world from the app!

Trending searches

Hackernoon App Trending Tab

The trending searches feature by HackerNoon is incredibly valuable. I appreciate how it provides a seamless learning experience by showcasing stories related to tech companies. Companies trend when users search for a particular story or topic they want to learn about. So, if I want to explore a story, HackerNoon shows me companies by search ranking. For instance, if I choose Google or Roblox, I will find thousands of stories related to them.


Hackernoon Activities

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! The HackerNoon app constantly rings its notification bells with thousands of contributors and a plethora of resources available on the platform. Once you subscribe to different topics, you will receive notifications from the bells all the time. If you're tired of seeing endless notifications, you can slide from the left and HackerNoon provides two options: "View" or "Archive" the content. The platform's ease of navigation is incomparable!

Organizing content

Organizing Content on the HackerNoon App

Tags are a great way to filter the content on the platform based on your preference such as Cybersecurity, Web3, Gaming, Futurism… What you choose is what you get with HackerNoon!

Curated list

Hackernoon Curated List

Once you have selected your preferred tags, HackerNoon will display content based on your interests. You will only see what you have chosen, and you can easily navigate through the site to bookmark any articles you find interesting. These bookmarks will be saved as part of your curated stories. To access your curated content, simply click on the small icon that looks like a floppy disk. HackerNoon strives to provide a unique learning experience for all things tech.


Hackernoon Profile

Within the profile tab, there are various features to explore, one of which is the "Hide playlist icon". This feature allows you to hide your curated playlist from other users on HackerNoon, so that only you can access it. Activating it is simple - just slide the button to turn it on. If you want to make your playlist public again, simply deactivate the feature.


Hackernoon Playlist

After saving your content as a bookmark, you can access your curated playlist by selecting the voice you prefer, either Dr. One or Ms. Hacker. It's a fantastic audio experience that allows you to listen to your favorite stories if you don't feel like reading. HackerNoon has done an excellent job!


"Every day is an opportunity to discover something new with HackerNoon. As internet enthusiasts, the app provides everything necessary for anyone to learn anything they want, from beginner to expert. A wealth of knowledge is now in our pocket, allowing us to unlock new skills, grow, and make a difference in the industry. My experience with the app shows just how much you can accomplish with it, and there are endless possibilities as it is constantly being improved for a better user experience. You can enrich your learning and make a greater impact.

Download the app now and boost your skills!"