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Hacker Noon Partners with Den

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In another effort to improve story distribution and find more cool places for our writers to share their stories, we’ve partnered with Den.

Den or den.social is a new social media platform built on the Dragonchain blockchain. Den incentivizes the creation, sharing, and evaluation of quality content, via their crypto token ecosystem composed of MTR, NRG, LOR, and LOT. 

After speaking to the team at Den, we thought, what a great way to help get more eyes on the amazing content written by the Hacker Noon community!

Thus, our partnership with Den began and our Lair went live, curating and sharing the best stories Hacker Noon has to offer. 

About Den

The website's reward model emphasizes assessing news and content within individual communities, grouped by a common domain or area of interest.

These communities are called Lairs and they are built and managed within Den by the members, without having to worry about centralized censorship. 


One could earn rewards by contributing to a Lair. Each community then decides if the content is credible enough. 

Den also has a system known as the reputation system. The reputation system is an instrument that permits each Lair to set the rules as to who can do what in each Lair. 

This vests flexibility and autonomy in the hands of Lair owners and fosters quality content. 

Social content platforms like Den are here to combat fraudulent information, fake news, and censorship with blockchain technology and decentralized governance. 

Posting more content on Den is a step in the right direction towards creating a safe, secure, and inclusive digital space. 

How to Post on Den


Via our RSS feeds, the top Hacker Noon stories, blockchain stories, crypto stories, and programming stories, are automatically shared on Den.

But the best way to get other Denizens to check out your stories is to tell them why they should care! Write a short intro linking to your stories to entice the Den community to check out your work.

Here’s how:

  1. Create an account on Den
  2. Navigate to the Hacker Noon Lair and subscribe to it
  3. Click New Post and write a couple of paragraphs about your topic and link to your story. 

If you want to learn more about Den and how their platform works, check out the Den team's posts on Hacker Noon: 

  1. Hacker Noon's Lair on DEN.social is now LIVE!!
  2. Community Ownership and Passive Income with NFTs

Other Partnerships

But that's not all. At Hacker Noon, we're always looking for new ways to help distribute the quality stories submitted by our writers. Expect more partnerships like this to come all throughout 2021 and beyond.

In fact, we also recently partnered with Digg. Check out this post to learn how Digg can also help bring more views to your stories!


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