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Hackernoon logoGuide to GitHub’s Student Developer Pack in 2020 by@abhishek2x

Guide to GitHub’s Student Developer Pack in 2020

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@abhishek2xAbhishek Srivastava

DSC Lead, VIT Bhopal | Full Stack Web developer | Technical Writer | Competitive coder | Mentor |

In this article I'll be walking you through the complete process of availing and unboxing the Github's Student Developer Pack. This article is especially for developers who are currently in enrolled as a student in some University or College. And if you are Student, Github's Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that you can avail as a Student. It will help get students start out as developers.

The GitHub Student Developer Pack delivers $200k worth of tools and training to every student. GitHub is committed to students having access to the best real-world tools and training required to get started as developers.

In the first part, I'll be covering each and every step to avail the Student Developer pack and in the Second part, I'll go through the various benifits and how to get most out of it.

So, Let's get started!


You can view the Student Developer Pack and all the things that come with it by going here.

Step-1: Providing relevant information.

Step 1.1 -> Go to GitHub Education and, in the top right, click Get benefits.

Step 1.2 -> Under “Which best describes your academic status?”, select student.

Step 1.3 -> Add or Select the email address you use for school (If you are adding another email you have to go to your GitHub setting and have to that one).

Step 1.4 -> Now,You have to give the proof of your academic status.

Click Use your camera to take a picture or place your valid academic ID or other proof of current academic status, then click Take a photo or If you can’t take a picture of your proof of academic status, to upload an image from your computer instead, click Upload image. Make sure that you provide a relevant proof, else it might get rejected. In case your application gets rejected, you can apply again :)

Step 1.5 -> Enter your school’s name.

Step 1.6 -> You have to describe how you plan to use GitHub.

Step 1.7 -> Submit your information

Step-2: Getting Verification Email.

Once you have applied for Github's Student Developer Pack, then you may receive an email from Github confirming that you have successfully availed the Student Developer Pack. Congratulations!!

Here is the screenshot of the mail that I received.

PART-2: Unboxing Github's Developers Pack

Now the question arises, What's in the pack??, and how can it be beneficial for me!??

Well, my simple answer is, EVERYTHING, this pack contains everything that you required to get started with Coding and development. It contains many premium services and software that you can utilise in order to learn new skills.

GitHub is very committed to students having full access to the best real-world tools and training required to get started as developers. Even if you’re building your first website, and want to host it for the global market, or hardware hacking — the Pack provides you with the tools you need to be successful.

I'll be introducing you with all the tool and services in chronological order in form of cards as provided by Github itself.

Github's Pack contains the following:-

Phew! Now that was a lot, wasn’t it! The end of long list. So these are all the services and tools that Github provides you for free.

If you ever feel intimidated by all these, just take a deep breath and start slow and simple — one step at a time.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you want to discuss something.

I would be more than happy if you send your feedback, suggestions.
Moreover, I love to make new friends and we can be friends, just drop me an email.

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@abhishek2xAbhishek Srivastava

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DSC Lead, VIT Bhopal | Full Stack Web developer | Technical Writer | Competitive coder | Mentor |


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