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Great For Tech Writers & Developers: This AWS Training Bundle Is On Sale by@supersaiyanprogramming

Great For Tech Writers & Developers: This AWS Training Bundle Is On Sale

Super Saiyan Programming Hacker Noon profile picture

Super Saiyan Programming

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

The worlds of web development, cloud programming, and SysOps are growing with such incredible rapidity. These are systems and programs and industries that can be of major value to those who become experts on them. 

Let's begin with the obvious. If you're an aspiring developer, then finding affordable content on the cloud, big data, and AWS development can be of major value. If you have some familiarity with software development and want to get into the lucrative field of AWS services — where you can create scalable and fault-tolerant applications — you're lucky in the sense that there's more education available on these subjects than ever before. Though, there are some other areas you'll want to make sure get covered. 

Big data is one of the most lucrative and important specialty fields underneath the AWS umbrella. When you know how to manage big data, you can make 6-figures as a consultant and engineer, and you can weigh in as an expert in other industries. 

It's also of the utmost importance for aspiring AWS experts to get a comprehensive breakdown of basic cloud concepts and AWS services, security, pricing, support, and architecture. When you've developed this foundation, and you can speak comfortably about AWS services like EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, and others, then you'll have a great foundation to step out into the world and market yourself as an expert. 

As a website with user-generated content, HackerNoon's readership knows all too well about the value of writing in today's world. In the ever-growing worlds of tech, blogging, and digital copywriting — the demand for experts on stuff like cloud programming, SysOps, and AWS development is also in a state of perpetual growth. 

While training boot camps, college courses, and other more popular forms of education in these areas are geared towards developers — people are overlooking how important this education is for writers, and also for executives, account managers, and even consumers.

So, where does one go when they aren't devoting their entire career to the pursuit of expert knowledge on AWS services? Also, where do aspiring developers go when they don't want to sign up for decades of debt or can't make it out for a community college night class? Of course, the internet. 

The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle is on sale for just $49.99 for a limited time. It is jam-packed with certification training courses that can prove invaluable to aspiring developers, tech writers and bloggers, and other adjacent specialists over time. 

There's something for everyone in this bundle. The AWS Certified Developer: Associate course is ideal for AWS beginners with no prior experience in this world. By the end of it, you'll have a foundation in managing cloud virtual machine resources, implementing security with regards to application development, and building serverless applications. 

The courses are taught by iCollege, which has been featured on MashablePopular ScienceTechDirt, and other major publications for its long history of providing valuable e-learning experiences around the world. 

Check out The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle, which is on sale for just $49.99 for a limited time.

The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle - $49.99 - See Deal