Got a Business To-Do List a Mile Long? Use This Process to Make It Manageable Fast!by@christineparma

Got a Business To-Do List a Mile Long? Use This Process to Make It Manageable Fast!

by Christine ParmaJune 7th, 2017
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There’s a sneaky trap that keeps a lot of solopreneurs struggling…
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Got a business to-do list a Mile Long? Use this process to make it manageable fast!

There’s a sneaky trap that keeps a lot of solopreneurs struggling…

And it’s the feeling that they simply need to do MORE.

More blog posts, more marketing, more being on social media.

Does this sound familiar?

But instead of actually making real progress, you end up simply feeling OVERWHELMED, PARALYZED or like you’re just SPINNING YOUR WHEELS.

Your to-do list is a mile long and simply looking at it can throw you into a panic or a hopeless depression that you’ll never get it all done.

You deserve better! And it’s actually pretty simple to make real progress in your business when you know the right steps.

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Here’s the thing…

All of that “more” ends up scattering your energy and diluting the effects of your efforts… especially if you don’t have an implementation plan that gives you the structure you need to get results.

In order to actually see a return on your investment of precious time and energy, you need to follow the PPDS system.

(Watch the video below or scroll down to read more.)

Step 1: Prune

You’ve got to prune away all of those things that don’t make you happy, you’re not good at doing or suck up your time without helping you to really make progress in your business.

By pruning, you not only shorten your to-do list, you create more time to focus on the things that really make a difference to your business’ bottom line (and your happiness!).

  • What doesn’t really deserve your time or attention anymore?
  • Where have you made commitments that aren’t really a fit for you?
  • What things could someone else do for you — and maybe do it better — to free you up to do what YOU do best?

Step 2: Prioritize

I know you’ve heard about setting priorities before… but are you doing it? And, are you applying prioritization correctly in your business so that the activities that result in bringing in new clients, generating more cash and growing your business are actually the FIRST things you do each day?

If not, you’re not prioritizing in a way that will grow your business and give you the freedom you started your business to have.

In the Summer Bliss Business Challenge for Mompreneurs, I’m going to show you how to prioritize the right way. Get all the details and sign up here.

Step 3: Delegate

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Delegate?! But, Christine, it’s just me. I don’t have a team.”

And, when you’re starting your business, that’s true.

AND you’ll eventually reach a point where you really NEED to delegate some tasks or you’ll be a burned-out mess and can’t grow your business.

Here’s one thing you CAN do now, no matter where you are in your business journey:

Starting thinking in terms of Return on Investment (ROI).

Let’s say you’re a life coach and your time is worth $100 because that’s what someone pays for a 1-hour session with you.

Look at all of the things crowding up your to-do list.

Which are the activities that would cost you LESS than $100 per hour to outsource?

If you’re a work-from-home mama, it could even be the childcare or housecleaning that you normally do. If you can arrange a sitter at $10 an hour for 3 hours a week, that will cost you $30, but you’ve freed up $300 dollars of your time. If you fill that time with clients and/or high-priority activities that truly grow your business, then you come out ahead… by a lot!

Take a look at your to-do list. What opportunities do you see that could give you a high ROI?

Step 4: Systemize

Creating systems in your business frees you from having to reinvent the wheel every time you do something… and that saves a lot of time and brainpower. Plus, having systems and processes in place makes it super-easy for you to delegate some of those tasks that really don’t deserve your time or attention.

So, how do you start adding in systems?

Begin with the things that you do repeatedly in your business, like writing and publishing blog posts, creating a podcast or posting on social media.

What are the steps you take each and every time? Start creating your systems around each one and automate where possible.

We’ll be exploring how to start systemizing your business in the Summer Bliss Business Challenge for Mompreneurs (going on June 12th — 18th). You can join any time by going here ->

I’d love to know…

  • What are you going to prune now?
  • What are you going to prioritize?
  • What opportunities do you have to delegate and systemize in your business so you can do more of the RIGHT THINGS… and in a lot less time?

Please comment below!

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I look forward to seeing you there!

Hi! I’m Christine.

I help ambitious mama entrepreneurs build profitable businesses without working 24/7, missing out on precious family time or sacrificing what matters most to them. Step by step I show them how to create the time and systems they need so they can do what they love, get paid what they’re worth and be amazing moms, too… because you shouldn’t have to choose between spending time with the ones you love and making your dreams happen.

Ready to make your life and business work for you, Mama? Learn more about what we can do together.