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DeFi Meets NFT With $MEGA Yield Farming in The MCP3D Decentralized City by@TonyToreto

DeFi Meets NFT With $MEGA Yield Farming in The MCP3D Decentralized City

Tony Toreto HackerNoon profile picture

Tony Toreto


Recent months demonstrated explosive growth of Decentralized Finance with $13B+ in total value locked. Normally, games are the first thing to take off on new platforms, and seems like DeFi is not an exception here.

The most obvious pretendent here is the decentralized city builder dApp game MegaCryptoPolis 3D (MCP3D) is not a new kid on the block - launched early 2018 to become one of the most popular blockchain games with $42 Million of estimated market cap to date. 

Players acquire Land Plots in Districts to construct buildings using Resources. Some buildings produce Resources, others allow to grab ETH and TRX from in-game “Funds” ($400’000 available at the moment). 


The most expensive game assets are Districts - one was recently sold by a player for 70 ETH (~$27’000 at the date of the deal). Districts were initially distributed on the Ethereum network starting at 5 ETH. All the Ethereum Districts now have their owners and are available only on the secondary market. TRON gaming map was opened March 2020 and still has Districts opening every next month with the initial auction bid starting at 200 000 TRX.   

Resources are the core of gameplay as required by almost every action in the game. Every time a Resource is used in the game it’s burned — reducing the overall supply of a Resource. 


Each Resource has its own price on the in-game market, that may vary depending on network. Actual deal prices and trading volumes are available in so-called “MCP Times” newspaper that works just like a block explorer for the game assets:


All the game logic runs on smart contracts with all the actions being a transaction and every game item a non-fungible token. Resources are also traded as NFTs (ERC-721) today, that does not reflect the nature of a countable asset. A new ERC-20 Token called $MEGA was launched on September 24 to change that dramatically.

What is the $MEGA Token?

The core idea behind $MEGA is enabling value transfer between chains and creating an independent and trustless market with no control from developers.

$MEGA is not a utility or a governance token. It’s designed as an index for all in-game Resources combined for every blockchain.

Pre-minted total supply.

Not a token offering, pre-sale or distribution.

No token reserved for team members.


$MEGA Token will have a static supply that is not changing over time as no Mint() or Burn() functions are in the smart contract - that means no new $MEGA Tokens will be created, ever. 100% $MEGA Tokens will be initially allocated in the Vault. 


Players will be able to receive $MEGA from the Vault by depositing Resources to the Vault. The less $MEGA Tokens left in the Vault, the more Resources will be required to receive the same amount of $MEGA from the Vault. It works just like UniSwap’s x * y = k rule. 

Resources locked in the Vault could be released by any player using $MEGA Tokens. The more Resources is deposited to the Vault the less $MEGA is required to receive the same amount of Resources from the Vault.

How to use $MEGA?

$MEGA is not a governance or a utility token. However, it can be used in many different ways:

Release Resources from the Vault,

exchange one Resource to another inside a single chain,

transfer Resources between chains,

add to liquidity pool to earn fees,

trade on exchanges 

as a storage of value or for HODLING. 

How to get $MEGA?

$MEGA Token can be received by locking Resources in the MegaCryptoPolis game. Resources can be produced in a building, purchased on the in-game market or acquired in Packs from the official store (limited amount). 

$MEGA Tokens will be available in liquidity pools (Uniswap) and on  decentralized exchanges in October. 

With the recently announced MakerDAO partnership MegaCryptoPolis offers a time limited 30% discount on Packs with Resources when purchased with DAI.